Friday, July 13, 2007


On a positive note, I am happy to report that, after the 5th consecutive night of waking up in a literal pool of my own sweat, I feel enormously better. Antibiotics - when needed, mind you - work miracles.

On a less pleasant note, this is Day 2 without water in our flat. Although inconvenient and uncomfortable, Rico and I are old hands at this. We take flushing the toilet with a bucket and boiling a kettle of water for a sponge bath in stride. I feel bad for our houseguest, S., who is actually sub-letting one of our rooms. What a drag to pay rent for a place and have no water (although this is the exact situation Rico and I are in, so I don't know why I feel bad for S. more than us). I must say that she is being very understanding about it, making do just like the rest of us.

I suppose this is just part of the package of apartment living in Maptuo. On Wednesday, our friends Jenny and P. didn't have any water at their respective places and had to come over here to have a shower.

Good thing Rico and I recently re-joined the gym at chic Hotel Avenida, just 2 blocks from our house. I plan on doing 15 minutes slow walking on the treadmill, then hopping in the locker room for a nice, long, steamy shower!


AnnieElf said...

How uncomfortable for you Ali and it doesn't help that you weren't feeling well either.

Lea said...

I avoid the public shower in my building because I am scared of the giant flying tokyo cockroaches (I only saw one in there once, but it was enough). I joke with the bf that once I finish my shower in t he morning, the hardest part of the day is over. But you know, at least we have hot water. Thanks for the perspective.

--jenna said...

oh ali...i remember what it was like to not have water. and to be sick on top of it....ick.

you're a trooper!!! (as the grannies in indiana would say...) i doubt i would have even gotten out of bed if i were in your shoes...;)

hope you're feeling better now!

jenica said...

glad to hear that the drugs have worked their magic. sometimes it's the only way.

stinks about the water though. i'm the same way about having guests, more worried that they're comfortable than whether or not i am. ;-D