Monday, August 29, 2011

The First Step is Admitting You Have a Problem

We All Have the Running Bug

On Saturday my mom, Rico and I did our first race. It was 4 miles on a hilly trail, and we all did exceedingly well for our age divisions. We were accompanied by my friend H, who is my running buddy and in the same program at school with me, my cousin A, and his friend J. They all have done races before (including my cousin who has done the NY Marathon for Team Fox!) so not surprisingly they did really well, too.

We are training up to a 10k on October 1st and are all giddy about our running plans.

Here's a few photos from the 4 mile race. Note the gigantic smiles on everyone's faces!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Relaunch, Refresh, Recreate

Dear Friends,

I'm getting ready to re-launch my Alexandra Amaro jewelry website to better reflect the work I've been creating in art school. To celebrate (and to make re-listing my inventory easier), I'm offering 20% off any piece online, even those already on sale.

Use coupon code RELAUNCH at checkout, good through August 31st.

Stay tuned at for the new site, coming soon!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Sounds of Last Semester

It's fair to say that music played a big role in me getting through the grueling workload of last semester at CCA. I'd listen to music while running (my number one favorite stress management technique), I'd blast the BPM station on my trial subscription of satellite radio while driving to and from the studio (coffee in hand), listen to Pandora while doing homework, and every once in a while use my iPod while working (although not often enough - I'm torn between how nice it is to listen to my own music over the din of the studio vs. needing to hear for social and safety reasons).

Now every time I listen to certain songs, I relive those long studio hours, tired nights driving on 580, and how running was still really hard.

Here's two of the highlights from the soundtrack. I highly recommend. Motivational songs, amazing women, gorgeous voices and faces, and the best male backup dancers you will ever see, guaranteed (definitely worth watching the Kelly Rowland song until the end).

Monday, August 15, 2011

Roomba Ran Over a Cat Turd

Yes, sadly, that happened. The how's and why's are still unclear, and honestly I'm fine with that. The fact that we had a rogue cat turd lying around somewhere for the robot vacuum to discover is knowledge enough.

After many Q-tips, half a bottle of Lysol, and enough swearing to make our bad-ass Coast Guard neighbor blush, Roomba is clean again. Rico now has infinite credits in the gross-household-jobs bank.

And we've got our eye on those cats.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Grand Small Space

I am such a sucker for a well-used small space. This outdoor area at the back of a wee historic atelier in Santa Teresa was simply brilliant. A pool, tables, a sink and counter for making cocktails and a snack, and plenty of plants - all without feeling overcrowded. I love the modern, clean look, quite unexpected in the midst of such a neoclassical, antique-y, bohemian neighborhood. Plus, who can resist a space like this with such a gorgeous view of downtown Rio?