Monday, August 29, 2011

We All Have the Running Bug

On Saturday my mom, Rico and I did our first race. It was 4 miles on a hilly trail, and we all did exceedingly well for our age divisions. We were accompanied by my friend H, who is my running buddy and in the same program at school with me, my cousin A, and his friend J. They all have done races before (including my cousin who has done the NY Marathon for Team Fox!) so not surprisingly they did really well, too.

We are training up to a 10k on October 1st and are all giddy about our running plans.

Here's a few photos from the 4 mile race. Note the gigantic smiles on everyone's faces!

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alphawoman said...

I remember the first run Joe and I completed, the Midsummer Night Run. What a high that was. Nothing like it. I have been running again, but nothing like I was able to do 10 years ago. It embarrasses me when people whoosh by me on the track! i prefer the long loopy trails around the huge park. I recently looked up my time for the half marathon to just rub salt in the wound. 11 minute miles! For 13 miles!! And I was an emotional mess at the time and was smoking! Lord have mercy. I feel like wearing a t-shirt that reads "I am 62 years old" though I am not that old (lol) but maybe the people sprinting by me will slow down a little and say "Good job".....