Tuesday, August 06, 2013

a rose by any other name...

Reason #127 why I decided to go with "Ali Amaro" over "Alexandra Amaro" for my jewelry work:

Google "Alexandra Amaro", go to Images, and tell me what catches your eye.

Oh yeah. She's been at the top of the search results for YEARS. Jewelry will never beat bikini and boobs.

Funny story: the other day I was at a meeting trying my best to be professional and impress a certain magazine editor. He kept making strange comments about my "muscles". I thought I didn't get it because he's a foreigner and maybe something was lost in translation. Then, after the fourth comment, when he struck a model pose to illustrate, it hit me:

He had googled Alexandra Amaro. He had seen the image results. AND HE THOUGHT IT WAS ME. I tried to convince him otherwise to no avail.

On the flip side, google tells me that "Ali Amaro" is a prize-winning doberman. I'll take being confused with that bitch any day.