Monday, February 02, 2009

Cooked in Mozambique

Rico and I were watching tv this evening and caught a very cool cooking show on BBC Lifestyle. In the opening credits, I recognized Praia de Tofo, one of Mozambique's most famous beaches. The show is called "Cooked" and, from what we could tell from the two episodes we saw, is about a group of South African gourmet chefs that take a road trip through Southern Africa, seeing the sights and stopping along the way to create dishes using local ingredients.

The episodes we saw were based in Tofo and Vilankulos/Bazaruto. I loved the fact that "Cooked" highlighted the delicious food of Mozambique, as well as the more well-known beaches and sea sports. The guys bought squid (lulas) in the market and made several different dishes - baked squid tentacles in a tomato reduction sauce, fresh squid salad, squid risotto with ink, and gave a great tip about blanching the lulas for 20 prior to cooking to ensure tenderness. They took a dhow trip to Bazaruto and cooked fish in a sand pit inside a fishing dhow, which was a very practical solution to eating fish while on the open sea I'd never seen before. In all, a great program with nice, simple recipes and an introduction to some of Mozambique's beautiful scenery.

However, I have to say the production was a bit lazy. Not only were most of the place names wrong (Margarita Island, Águia Negra hotel both misspelled) - and a lot of the Portuguese translations mangled (understandable) - there were mistakes in the English text (when giving status updates, I caught "Tempereture: Perfect" throughout the Tofo episode). These little things irritate me to no end. You'd think the guys would go through the trouble to run a spell check and verify the names of the places they visited. Still, I applaud the effort to show a different side of Africa - its flavors.


kanuthya said...

Presentinho simbólico para uma menina especial, lá no meu canto poeirento :)

Ali la Loca said...

~Kanuthya - Obrigada, amiga. O canto pode estar poeirento, mas continua muito bom!

Anonymous said...

Ola Ali, Moro no Brasil e tenho uma proposta para ir morar em Maputo. Gostaria que vc me enviasse o custo aproximado de um carro comum 1.6 aí e também dicas se tem Mcdonalds lugares bons para morar, etc

As informações disponiveis me deu animo para ir morar aí..

Meu mai eh

Obrigado Mario

JC said...

Hi chica, nice to be back reading your blog and hearing about your news and mOzi food yum.
Check out the link to the El Pato stuff I was telling you about.
AND, tell me, one thing that worries me, WHERE is the golden arches resto in Mpt?!

Ali la Loca said...

~Anonymous - Oi Mario, tuod bem? Vou te mandar um email com algumas informações sobre Maputo, mas já te adianto - não tem McDonalds aqui, mas você vai encontrar os melhores mariscos que já experimentou na vida, comida indiana, portuguesa, sul-africana...enfim, muito melhor de que hamburger!

Ali la Loca said...

~JC - Good to have you back as a reader, JP. Missedje iuuuuu! I was tempted to make a bad joke about the golden arches that would likely appeal to a 12-year-old boy, but I'm practicing restraint. Hehehe. Come back soon! beijos.

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kwerekwere said...

south african television producers are notoriously lazy when it comes to looking up place-names in africa to see if they're spelled correctly.

during the whole brouhaha about the zimbabwean arms [remember those], after it was leaked to the mozambican press about having being unloaded in pointe-noire in the republic of congo, it was all over south african television with pointe-noire being called punta negra, which is more or less incorrect to everyone except portuguese speakers and maritime professionals.

Ali la Loca said...

~Kwerekwere - I've noticed the same thing about the lack of proofreading of place names in South African print articles (online and in magazines) as well. I can only think that this will change as media becomes more globalized and people who know the places being featured increasingly give feedback.

I do remember the Zim arms situation, but didn't see the Punta Negra slip-up. That's pretty significant...