Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ali Amaro in SOMA Magazine!

Louboutin, pain-free waxing, repurposing pioneers, and awesome leggings: these are my varied neighbors in the Style category in SOMA Magazine's most recent issue, on the digital edition.

My work has been included in the july/aug Film and Music edition of SOMA Magazine! This was a long-awaited chance to say 'YES' to something.

It is exciting to feel ready. To have a website, a print portfolio, the experience of my senior show. A way to speak to non-jewelry people about what I want to do, what I want to make. Saying 'YES' has been about preparing for a moment I always knew would come, but had no idea in what form or venue or timing.

Seeing SOMA for the first time a few months ago, I thought it was a good match for my work. I never imagined an article would actually become reality so quickly - just two months after graduation. It made me very, very glad that I worked so hard to "get ready", despite the craziness of school, despite not really knowing what I wanted to do for most of that time.

After nearly four years of constant, very hard technical apprenticeship and emotional growth I have gained a lot. I have learned so much about myself through becoming a metalsmith and being back in school. I learned about what makes me stressed and unhappy, and about what makes me fulfilled and happy. I learned how to recognize falsely tempting paths, to spot them well before they cause me problems. I feel like I've GOT IT.

It felt good to say yes, hopefully the first of many (amid equally frequent no's).

Here is a link to the digital version of the article:

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Photos by the Bay

Another great photoshoot with my jewelry and some gorgeous girls I'm happy to call friends.

Jewelry: Ali Amaro
Photos: Ali Amaro
Models: Shushan and Barbara
on location in Point Richmond, CA