Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Hacking Continues

After a week of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory pills, I feel better, but certainly not 100%. I've scheduled a visit to a throat specialist this afternoon because I still have some symptoms that I'm concerned will not go away on their own.

I continue to cough so much that the other day I "popped" something out of place in my windpipe and now have a clicking sensation every time I swallow. That, and it still burns in my chest when I try to take anything but a shallow little breath. Beyond these annoying symptoms, I generally still feel unwell, out of energy.

My mom reminded me that I've had antibiotic resistance in the past, so I did a little digging in my old journals to see if I could find the medicine that caused me trouble. Wouldn't you know it's the exact same one the doctor at the clinic here put me on last week? Sigh...

So I'm off to the Sommerschield Clinic where hopefully Dr. Jorge will find a solution for this persistent laryngitis, if that is indeed what I have.


AnneMarie said...

I ran across your blog somehow.

I am suffering from somewhat the same thing you are. Today marks Day 5 of laryngitis.

El Erik said...

puff! Sorry-Oh! I will be arriving in Maputo! Hope yu are better then!

Mike Hu said...

I guess you must have recovered -- since it no longer is the exclusive preoccupation anymore.

One of these days when you don't (so quickly), you might keep in mind the drug "guaifenesin," which is the ingredient in most cough medicines now that actually has a profound curative effect on the body.

What it does fairly reliably and effectively for most people is to thin the mucus in the lungs so they can breathe better and also expectorate the hardened mucus, which includes a lot of dead white cells from fighting the infection.

What is not recognized by most, including most health care providers, is that it thins the mucus throughout the body as well, which during these respiratory inflammations are also coincident with other body aches and pains.

Some people have chronic conditions in which they experience these body pains all the time -- in the condition of the autoimmune diseases, particularly fibromyalgia, which is this systemic dysfunction of the body that is pervasive throughout the body.

In older people, it is regarded as the normal aging process while in younger people, it is infrequently diagnosed as fibromyalgia or some other autoimmune condition if one persists long enough after being told it is all in one's mind -- for which there is no official or widely recognized effective treatment.

However one doctor claimed that guaifenesin was effective in the specific treatment of fibromyalgia -- with his own exotic explanation why that might be so, but I had experienced a favorable effect with Robitussin (guaifenesin) in the past and merely needed the reassurance that there was no long-term negative side-effects from regular consumption.

Apparently, there is no downside to thinning the essential fluids of the body (blood and mucus) but rather, most effective medications do that. Of course, if you're bleeding, you don't want your blood too thin.

There's a popular infomercial
now running in which a person claims a remedy for those whose lower intentines are impacted by hardened mucus that can weigh as much as fifty pounds!

Anyway, people with hypersensitivity to the functioning and idiosyncracies of their own bodies, which you seem to have, is the profile of a likely autoimmune candidate. While ostensibly and overtly health at one's best, one is prone to these disruptions and dysfunctions that seem to become more frequent with age -- not simply being the inevitable normal aging process -- if one can do something about it.

I might be dead or bedridden by now if I hadn't started taking guaifenesin regularly -- and so ratherr than experiencing a general decline in health with age, I'm actually one of the rare people actually improving in health and a healthy outlook.

I don't know how long that can last but that has been true for the last five years, after a slow but accelerating deterioration for the previous twenty -- beginning from an exceptional peak.

That has been a major theme and focus of my health studies -- this process of aging, and how much is inevitable and how much is a result of our conditioning to believe it must the way it has been up to now.

We're already seeing many more people defying oru expectations of what aging must look like and be -- in these times, with only a small part but a highly publicized part being due to "plastic surgery," and the greater part due to a greater understanding, awareness and consciousness.

As far as I can generalize, the aging process is largely the adverse effects of the thickening of the blood and mucus -- causing dysfunction, disruption and deterioration of basic cell functioning -- that seems to be averted with attention to these matters.

Some people insist that no extraordinary attempts should be made to achieve and maintain optimal health, well-being and actualization -- because they consider it "cheating" not to do only what has been done for the last thousands of years, as the only way it can be "naturally."

Ali la Loca said...

~Mike - I find this extremely interesting. I'm not at all familiar with guaifenesin, but I will certainly do some reading on the drug after hearing your testimonial here.

I agree that my health problems fit an auto-immune diagnosis. I wish I knew - as I'm sure everyone else that is in the medical field or suffering from some sort of ailment - what causes these diseases. Why did I have such a sudden and late onset of health problems?

Of course, it is all relative, and I am mindful of this. I don't have serious problems, but I certainly don't want them to get worse as I age. Furthermore, as a person free of health issues for the better part of 20 years, it is sobering to realize that all of a sudden I am a person plagued with chronic "mystery symptoms".

Thank you for sharing your opinion and experiences.

On another note, I am somewhat horrified at the thought of 50 lbs of dried mucus in one's gut!

Mike Hu said...

The interesting implication of the Guaifenesin Protocol is that it provides a universal and systemic reason for cellular and tissue dysfunction throughout the body recognized in some localized “disease” -- which the medical specialists insist have no connection with one another. They think a body is “normal” with one dysfunctional organ rather than that they’re all failing due to some widely universal sub optimal operating condition -- that is experienced as the various symptoms.

The autoimmune conditions are suggestive of a collection of symptoms described as a syndrome -- but beyond that would be this observation of dysfunction affecting every cell and tissue in the body -- revealed as an acute breakdown where an individual is predisposed towards in a fairly chronic, predictable pattern -- that they just come to accept as “normal” for their experience of life.

Up to age 25, I was regarded as a robust individual even among world-class athletes but then I started experiencing one injury or affliction that prevented me from experiencing optimal health again -- no matter how hard and diligently I paid attention to these factors. Then about five years ago, my body just broke down and I thought it was the beginning of the end -- since I had tried everything. But then I attended the free seminar in which this doctor explained his “cure,” and while I don’t necessarily accept his explanation of why it works, I knew definitively that it worked -- because my nagging high school knee injury finally disappeared after 30 years.

The doctor's explanation of why his cure worked is fairly complicated as well as unproven, so my simpler explanation, is just as good and probably makes more sense. One of the notable symptoms of fibromyalgia is this “lumpiness” of the tissues -- which is not good. “Cellulite” is also a variation of the lumpiness of the fluids under the skin. A lot of these conditions seem to “melt” away when the mucus (protoplasm) is thinned -- restoring optimal functioning in the cells.

This would be a fertile field to develop as an entrepreneur/promoter that would literally revolutionize the world -- after you were convinced it worked on yourself and those you asked to try this.

As far as I have researched, there is no known negative side-effects other than that the compressed tablets are fairly bitter and harsh when dissolved in the mouth and upper digestive tract. That doesn’t seem to be a problem of the cough syrups, of which Robitussin (guaifenesin) with no additives, is actually an outstanding liqueur.

As far as I can tell, it is the fountain of youth.