Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bring on the Legal Drugs

I saw a great Cuban doctor this afternoon at the clinic. He determined that my laryngitis was complicated by a severely irritated trachea and my stupid, ever-present allergies. I had somewhat of a coughing fit in his office, so he got to hear what I sound like as I hack away and gasp for air. I think he may have even felt sorry for me, because he got down to business with the old prescription pad and said he was giving me what people with tuberculosis take for their coughs.

Friends, after trying 5 different pharmacies to no avail, Rico and I finally found the medicines the good doctor recommended. In addition to a bad-ass looking inhaler and some allergy pills, I am now in posession of enough Codeine to get me arrested and heavily fined in several countries. I am a bit nervous to take the stuff after reading about it on the internet, but honestly this cough is at the point where I am willing to try anything.

Rico was kind enough to put together a medicine schedule for me, including a plan to wean me off the Codeine after 7 days so that I don't experience, as one site put it, "uncomfortable and potentially disturbing withdrawal symptoms."

Should be a fun week, y'all. I just hope I'm not completely out of it, as I have to actually get some work done and not just sit like a drugged lump on the guest bed watching nature documentaries from the 1980's on the Angolan public TV channel.


Safiya said...

Codeine is THE stuff. It makes the day go away, that's for sure. Just make sure to keep your fibre intake up so that you don't get constipation. :)

Safiya said...

P.S Thought you might find this interesting:

jenica said...

wow girl, it just won't quit, eh? i hope you get better very, very soon. what a good man to help wean you off the good stuff. ;-D

Alina Popescu said...

Sorry to hear you're still feeling bad, Ali. But maybe this doctor is right and you will soon start to feel better. All the best to you!

Stacie said...

I had some killer hallucinations on that stuff for some back pain the hospital gave me. I thought my husband was a large, fat woman in a polka dot dress and it scared the shit out of me. Hope it helps! Tell your finance not to wear polka dots though...could be dangerous.

Lacithecat said...


Wow, I am really sorry that this has not finally passed. I think its cute though that Ricardo has you so sorted.

Some home remedies that I tend to use, which make me feel better (although I am sure really don't do much for the underlying virus) are:

- honey, milk, cinnamon and a drop of rum - warmed up

- Camialle (sp?) or fresh mint steam (inhaling it with a towel over my head)

Hope it passes soon!