Tuesday, February 23, 2010

At This Moment...

Listening to Kings of Leon on the radio, via our Sonos sound system. I'm so grateful that Rico is into technology, otherwise I'd have never discovered this great music solution.

Drinking a nice red Zinfandel, the perfect companion to the cool temperatures and the rain pounding outside. I thought the sun was here definitively for the summer, but apparently that was wishful thinking. :)

Smelling piñon incense, my absolute favorite New Mexico scent.

Wondering why it always seems to rain on the days I have drawing class (and therefore have to lug around a giant easel full of paper while riding BART and walking the 8 blocks to school).

Wishing it were already spring break. I am starting to feel a bit burned out...but in a good way.

Avoiding working on my latest translation job for the World Bank. I've told myself that I will blog, then get to work.

Feeling the soreness in my hips and lower back from my workout yesterday. I am doing one personal training session per week, and my trainer Lisa totally kicks my ass...again, in a good way.

Dreaming about sunshine, cocktails on the beach, getting tan. Good thing we are going to Brazil in August for our cousin's wedding - I've already been told by several people that summer in the Bay may not meet my seasonal expectations given that I've been living the tropical, humid life for the last 8 years or so.



deedee said...

Hi there :) I think it would be great to have a personal trainer. We're starting to see those around here.

Unknown said...

Well, at least you're on the warmer side of the Bay. The best weather is in September/October before the rain starts again in November.

--jenna said...

oooh. Good to hear you'll be making a trip down south this year...we'll have to make plans for at least one dinner when you're in Rio...and you can meet Vance! :)1

Ali Ambrosio said...

~Meredith - It's worth every penny in my opinion, especially if you are the type that joins gyms and after 2 weeks make it only very occasionally. The accountability and personal attention are priceless.

~John - Yes, definitely grateful for the weather over on this side...but I do miss the hot sunshine of *real* summer!

~Jenna - For sure. Consider it a done deal for a double date. Looking forward to meeting your noivo!