Sunday, February 14, 2010


...because I need a break from the self-portrait hell I'm currently experiencing (drawing class homework - draw a contour line self-portrait using a mirror). I suppose drawing is like writing, speaking a foreign language, or any other type of creative pursuit: some days you are on fire, others you struggle to perform even the simplest task without feeling incompetent. That's the nature of the beast, though, so I'm calling it a night and hoping for more inspired lines tomorrow.

Caminhos de Ferro (railway station) - Maputo, Mozambique

May Day parade - Cienfuegos, Cuba

Hidden Valley - Jemez Mountains, New Mexico

Lions at dawn - Kruger Park, South Africa

Wine country - Boplaas, South Africa

City of acacias - view from our flat in Maputo

Glory of bygone days - Ilha de Moçambique

Bosquetto entrance at my Grammy's house - Peci, Italy

Bonsai - Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Growing rice - Sapa, Vietnam

"Fome" - at Casa Rosa, Rio de Janeiro

Pão de Açúcar as seen from Parque das Ruínas - Santa Teresa, Rio

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Live said...

You already reached the level of drawing portraits in your study? I think it didn’t take too long, right ? I would like to see that self-portraits, are you thinking about uploading it? :D

Nice color set, I also enjoyed the Orange post :)