Friday, February 12, 2010


'Orange' you in need of a little procrastination? I am, apparently...

My bridal bouquet.
Fantastic sunset captured through the car window - Bernalillo, New Mexico.

My artisan friend Maria, modeling her own dress design in Maputo.

Cannon at the old Fortaleza in Maputo.

Tile rooftops in Gorizia, Italy.

Incredible (and delicious) food art in Hue, Vietnam.

The Imperial City at Hue, Vietnam - all patterns created with broken pieces of ceramic.

Temple decoration at Bat Trang, Vietnam.

Dinner at a beautifully decorated restaurant in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Entryway at Casa Rosa, Rio de Janeiro.


Mandi said...

Loving the orange and the red! Somehow, putting them all together is magic. And a perfect antidote to the snow, ice and gray skies I'm surrounded with!

Ali la Loca said...

~Mandi - The photos are super fun to put together, not only for the visual aspect but because the process takes me down memory lane as I browse through all my photo albums. Here the weather is relatively nice at the moment, but I'm longing for the hot days of summer we left behind in Moz!