Saturday, February 13, 2010


A bit of yellow to brighten your day...

A faithful companion for a boat ride and a beer - Austin, TX.

Raw silk - Hoi An, Vietnam.

Walls of the old Fortaleza - Maputo, Mozambique.
Rafting in a crocodile-infested (!) river in Swaziland.
Bananas for the local market - Boane, Mozambique.
Colonial Portuguese architecture - Ilha de Moçambique.
Passing the time away - Trinidad, Cuba.
Bondinho - Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro.
The kitchen wall - Casa Rosa, Rio de Janeiro.
Still life - Chobe, Botswana.


Jo Ann v. said...

So far we had 3 colours for the Casa Rosa. Is there a house tour somewhere ? It must be lovely !

nola said...

Your color posts are making me feel better about my procrastination. :)

OH, loved seeing pic of Cuba - would love to return there.

Ali la Loca said...

~Jo Ann - Casa Rosa has just about every color in the rainbow somewhere on the walls. It is my baby when it comes to decorating, and I pretty much did whatever I felt like in terms of color. Maybe at some point I'll do a Casa Rosa post - I am pretty much in love with that's where we had our wedding reception, btw.

~Nola - Glad to justify your procrastination. The fact that you are reading justifies mine! I'd also love to return to Cuba...need to start saving up!