Thursday, February 11, 2010


A new series here on the blog, 'cause I'm all creative and stuff now that I'm in art school. ;)

"Pássaros" by Valentim, one of our favorite paintings acquired in Maputo.

Sr. David, a community maize miller in Guruè, Mozambique.

Church on Ilha de Moçambique.

Our living room in Maputo.

Our nephew Felipe, a budding photographer and walnut-collector.

Detail of a boat on the Mekong Delta, Vietnam.

Temple entrance at Hue, Vietnam.

Chili peppers for sale in Sapa, Vietnam.

Antique crystal chandelier and red wall at Casa Rosa, Rio de Janeiro.

Graffiti detail in Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro.


rainbowlens said...

Ooh, I like this new series! I'm in LOVE with that painting, wow!


Ali la Loca said...

~Rainbowlens - That panting is awesome. We often would play the "how many birds can you spot" game, each time coming up with a different answer. You should play along with the colors game!

nola said...

Wonderful!! I love red - and colors in general. And that painting is FANTASTIC!!

Ali la Loca said...

~Nola - I'd paint every room in the house a color other than white if given the chance. In our house in Rio, I believe literally every room is painted a pretty bright color - even the hallway is a faint greenish white. Now it's time to get painting here in Casa Cali!

nola said...

LOL - yes when I owned a house in California I had every color of the rainbow! (the orange was outside on the birds of paradise, but red, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet were all represented indoors) I'm sure people thought I was crazy, and that the buyers covered it all up with white, but I so loved it! And what I really love is it's just paint: you can always change it later when you want. Have a friend who painted her room so many times I swore the room got smaller from the walls thickening with all that paint.

Maybe this is why I feel so at home in New Orleans - all the very bright colors.

Marcia said...

LOVE this new series and oh my word, I sucked in my breath when I saw those red couches. Love them!

I got some unexpected money about 6 weeks ago and in my budget, it's marked for one or two new couches. But we need to get the babies eating "neatly" first :)

Ali la Loca said...

~Marcia - We got those couches at Sofa City in Maputo, which I believe is a branch of a South African company. The price was totally inflated as they were being sold in Moz, but I'm sure you can find a fab set of red couches to fit your budget. The huge advantage to these particular ones is that they are microfiber treated with Scotchguard - so they just wipe clean with water if they are soiled! Sounds baby-friendly to me!