Sunday, February 21, 2010


A favorite color of mine as of late, especially the lilac-y, amethyst hues...and yet funny because I have almost no photos that feature purple. I'm tempted to paint my home-office walls a brownish purple but haven't found the exact shade I want quite yet. Perhaps that will be my spring break project, along with learning how to use QuickBooks Premier Edition. The former obviously more fun than the latter.

On the beach along the Garden Route - South Africa

Jacarandas in bloom (taken through the car window) - near Chipinge, Zimbabwe

Street art in Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro

Tara modeling my jewelry in the midst of lavender in our garden - Casa Cali

Passion flower - one of my favorites from the street vendors in Maputo

Antique French wall sconce against light orchid bathroom wall - Casa Rosa, Rio de Janeiro

Giant beached jellyfish - near Cape Town, South Africa

Recycle-chic placemats at a guesthouse in Bilene, Mozambique

Carpet of asters - Pacifica, California

Making paper-thin rice flour wrappers for spring rolls - Can Tho, Vietnam


Anonymous said...

Wow those jacaranda trees are gorgeous!

You have lavender in your garden?? I'd be frolicking all day out there.

Love that passion flower

I would have had to sit down and think about life after seeing that jellyfish, yikes!

I'm inspired to go through my own photos and see the colors that turn up.


Ali la Loca said...

~Rainbowlens - The jacarandas are off the hook. My photos don't do them justice at all.

You should do a colors series - it's a great excuse to shuffle through your photos, and a perfect theme for when you want to post but have very, very little time and your brain is fried. :)