Thursday, November 01, 2007

What's Scarier: My Nasty Pink-Eye or "The Ring"?

I am spending the day at home today because I've managed to come down with conjunctivitis. It started yesterday, and I've been slightly miserable and goopy-eyed since then.

So far it's been an enjoyable day, given the circumstances. I made an out-of-this-world batch of chocolate-coconut brownies, have had multiple cups of tea, finished revising a fundraising proposal for an old client, thus wrapping up one of my last remaining freelance jobs, and am now waiting for Jenny to come over and have lunch.

This evening I've committed to going to Movie Night, the regular Thursday get-together hosted by a couple of boys from the World Food Program. Tonight's film is "The Ring", which is by far the scariest thing I've ever seen on a screen. I first watched it in Austin at my friend Michelle's house, and had to talk out loud to myself to make it on the drive over the railroad tracks and back to my house through deserted back roads at 2am without totally freaking out.

I don't really know why I'm so excited to watch something I know will give me nightmares for the next 3 weeks, but I am.

Here's hoping the old pink-eye clears up in time for the movie...

Ah, on a related note, there is going to be a big Halloween party here in Maputo this Saturday and I am at a loss for a costume. Any ideas (that don't involve the purchase of anything complicated, and are ideally warm-weather-friendly)???


Anonymous said...

Do you have the makings of another "Diamond Belle"?

El Erik said...

Yeah, it took my around four months, five minutes at a time, to finish watching the ring... Good movie though...
Scared the shit out of me

--jenna said...


costume suggestion: american tourist?

as you probably have never fit the stereotype, it might be fun to do it for just one night!!!

i laughed out loud at the horse story. you poor things.

Ali la Loca said...

~Dad - I have some scarves, and an old lacy vintage dress, but no ostrich feathers. And I just wore the dress last week out at night to a party, so I can't really pull it out as a costume this week.

~El Erik - I ended up not going. Pink eye, translation work to finish. Meh. It's probably for the best given that I only have cats to keep me company at the moment. :)

~Jenna - Hehehe. Good idea. I was actually toying with going as a South African farmer - shorts, work shirt, sport sandals, sun hat. Now that I think about it, just add a camera and swap out the khaki shirt for a t-shirt, and you've got the American costume!!

Lacithecat said...

A gypsy my dear. So you!


Hope the eye is better.

Ali la Loca said...

~Lacithecat - Oooh! Good, easy idea! And thankfully the eye is doing better. :)