Thursday, November 22, 2007

Meme: Reading List

This one comes from my Romanian friend Alina.

My reading list currently consists of:

"Guns, Germs and Steel" by Jared Diamond. I started reading it back in June, but gave up about halfway through when I became a bit tired by the textbook style of the author's writing. But the material is really interesting, and I would like to better understand his theories about why certain societies advanced and others struggle to this day.

"Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. I've been resisting this book for a long time. About 95% of my blog friends have read it and raved, but for some reason I've not been rushing to read it myself. Recently, my friend Tracy gave me a copy and I've decided to give in. This will be some of my principal plane reading material for my trip back home next month.

"On the Trail of the Koh-I-Noor Diamond" by Kevin Rushby. My friend Jenny gave me this book several months ago and I'm really excited to start reading. Also one for the multiple long-haul flights and layovers I will face next month. I think it will really appeal to the gem-nerd and adventurer sides of my personality.

Also on the list, though not definite yet, are something by Nadine Gordimer and perhaps some Isabel Allende.

It's funny - I love to read, and used to do it all the time for pleasure, but since moving to Mozambique I've somewhat dropped the habit. I think it's because I spend all day reading for my job in one way or another, so when it's time for me to relax and unwind in the evening or on the weekend, I have no desire to pick up a book. I much prefer to relax these days by making jewelry, watching tv, working out or dancing...

Consider yourself tagged if you are so inclined. I'm curious to see what you all are reading these days!


I Love Häagen Dasz said...

I love to read, but this year I spent most of my time reading for my thesis. Then, I rediscovered audiobooks and I have been listening to a series of inspirational and business books as follow:

Sucess Mastery Academy - Brian Tracy.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success - Deepak Chopra. .

Secrets of being Unstoppable - Guy Finley.

Discovering statistics using SPSS; and sex, drugs and rock'n'roll - Andy Field.

Aus dem Leben eines Taugenichts - Joseph Freiherr von Eichendorff.

Les Maîtres du Monde - Georges Valance.

and two other career management books from my Career Coach.

Ali, sorry for the looooong comment. After reading your post I decided to post my detailed "Reading List" on my Blog.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Alina Popescu said...

Hi Ali, thanks so much for doing this tag! I haven't read any of the books you've mentioned, so they make a pretty good addition to my "to read" list :)

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

We are so twins in some ways!! I left you the same exact commentary on Jared Diamond a long time ago on your blog, not sure if you remember.

Also, his book kind of pisses me off. He basically got a Pulitzer for re-introducing (in slick packaging) a very old sociology theory known as "geography theory". One of my old profs at McGill was a big proponent of it and I think Diamond even cites him.

Sociology/poli sci theories are like fashion-eventually someone repackages bell bottoms and makes a million on it.

And he really IS tedious in his writing style.

Amber said...

I think you will really like-- and understand-- Eat, Pray, Love. I also didn't jump on it right away, as everyone was raving. But then I read it, and it just spoke to me in such a way... wonderful.

I just finished "Water for Elephants". So good!


Ali la Loca said...

~ILHD - Interesting reading list - it says a lot about you and what you are aspiring to right now.

Also, you must give me your blog address because I can't find it linked on your profile!! Quero ler as suas palavras também.

Outra coisa...você tá em Maringá agora???

~Alina - My list just keeps getting longer. I just bought 4 new books on Amazon this afternoon!

~Monkey - Yes, I totally remember that comment! I just want to get through the book, mostly because I hate starting something and being interested, then not finishing out of what amounts to sheer laziness...

~Amber - My friend Jenny is reading it right now, too. She is really enjoying it, and she is a very dry-humored Brit. I am excited to crack it open on my trip next month.