Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Current To-Do List

- Finish writing investment memorandum for local paint company project - almost there!
- Take clothes to tailor
- Update blogroll (sooooooo overdue!)
- Make Rico's birthday boat collage painting (again, super overdue)
- Finish calligraphy on wedding invitations for Moz friends - done
- Pick up bed we bought from our friend T. who is moving away
- Blog about spa experience in Swaziland
- Collect payment from jewelry sales at Franco-Moçambicano
- Wash white canvas sandals
- Email makeup artist and DJ for our wedding
- Call Beth
- Photograph and post descriptions of jewelry - done
- Go grocery shopping - done
- Buy beets I requested from vegetable lady last week - done 14/05
- Watch Guns, Germs and Steel and return DVD to T.
- Hang photograph of veiled woman
- Sync iPod
- Join the stupid gym
- Learn to properly parallel park
- Read manual for big Nikon camera
- Buy tea and jewelry supplies online - half done
- Mend 1940's black dress
- Organize closet and drawers
- Get rid of aphids on hibiscus plants - done 14/05
- Sleep at some point - done 14/05, though certainly can be repeated ad infinitum!

No, I don't plan to do it all at once. My goal is 4 items per day. Still...


bart said...

one tip, my dear... prioritize ;-)
(i'd put the last point first, but that's just me)

keep well ;-)

Southern Goddess said...

OK, join the stupid gym really made me laugh...Stupid gyms must be universal, and here I thought they only existed in my city :)

Ali la Loca said...

~Bart - I'm definitely prioritizing. Most important is #1 closely followed by the last item!

Ali la Loca said...

~Southern Goddess - Yes, the gym is a stupid gym the world around!