Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Home Office Art

Today I am entering student mode. I have a giant investment memo to finish for a local paint production company, and I plan on writing until I can't write no more. For some reason I struggle to write in the BIC office - perhaps because it's a bit sterile, or because we have cubicles, or because there are people around who provide for easy distraction. Whatever it is, I definitely write better from home, so here I am for the rest of the week.

The painting above is by a Mozambican artist called Jamal. It is yet another work acquired at the Núcleo de Arte. I love the bright colors, and the abstract image reminds me of someone throwing a stream of flowers into the air. I like my office environments to be lively and full of inspiring images - this painting certainly fits the bill.


Masd said...

Beautiful paintings. The artist name is Jamal means beauty in Arabic.

Ali la Loca said...

~Masd - Well, the artist certainly does justice to his name! Hope you are well...I saw what I believe is your city of residence in the news the other day with some not-so-wonderful events. Hope you and your family are safe.