Monday, May 12, 2008

Sunday Scribblings: Telephone

A bit of belated fiction for this week's Sunday Scribblings.

As soon as she heard the first ring, Elle-Marie knew - instinctively - that something was wrong. Legan, the only person with any reason to call, had already checked in several hours ago saying he was about to cross the border. He didn't expect to make contact again for at least a day.

Elle-Marie stared at the vibrating, flashing phone and felt her palms begin to sweat. It was an unknown number, and it was late in the evening. She pondered for a moment whether it was possible to ignore the call completely, but she knew she must answer, if only to hear the voice on the other end of the line and have a fighting chance at identifying that person at some point in the future.

With a trembling finger, Elle-Marie pressed the green button.

"I know what you are doing," said a rough male voice. "If you don't stop, I will make the floor drop from underneath you, and you will feel the beginning of a slow descent to hell."

Elle-Marie's heart began pounding in her throat. She felt dizzy, disoriented, her mind racing with a thousand possibilities. It became difficult to breathe. The call meant someone knew the secret, that she and Legan were no longer safe.

For the first time in her adult life, Elle-Marie dropped to her knees and prayed to God. She barely recognized her own sob-wracked voice, pleading with the only being she thought might be able to make a difference at this point. "Please let it end. Please let it end. Please let it end."


Granny Smith said...

Wow! Is this part of a longer work. Am I right in thinking she is a spy? This entices me to read further.

I like the title to your blog, especially Brasil (spelled correctly) where I have lived several years of my life - to the Bay next to which I now live (San Francisco Bay)

Ali la Loca said...

~Granny Smith - Not part of a longer work (yet). I was thinking of a spy-type character while I wrote, though the possibilities are certainly open. I admit I am tempted to keep writing about Elle-Marie now that she's come to life in such a tense situation.

I lived several years in Brasil (Paraná and Rio), have a house in Rio, am marrying a brasileiro, and have my mom in the Bay area.

Anonymous said...

Yes, by all means continue the story. It got off to a suspenseful start...

steer forth!