Monday, April 21, 2008

Alexandra Amaro Jewelry in Maputo

I've had a terrible cold for the past few days, but at least my time in bed was put to good use. I created a website for my jewelry sales here in Maputo that works around the fact that the mail system here is not at all reliable.

Despite the fact that all deliveries must be done in person, thus limiting my customer base to people in the captial, I think this is a good interim solution so that I don't have stock sitting idly at home.

Check out the fruits of my labor:

If you are in Maputo, this means you can now get my jewelry without having to visit the gift shop at the Franco-Mozambican Cultural Center or having to wait several months for my next fair booth!


Jo Ann von Haff said...

Oh my, I love it !! And I love the logo too !!
I'll be waiting for the rings as I don't have the ears pierced :-P...
Oh, can I do a tiny suggestion ? Devise converters ?

Alexandra Amaro said...

~Jo ann von haff - Thanks. The logo was designed by a Mozambican friend of mine.

Rings coming soon...but you will only be able to get them if you are in Maputo. No shipping to other places (unless someone is crazy and wants to pay DHL).

Since it is only Maputo, that's why there is no converter right now - I'm preferring to work in local currency. But if I manage to branch out of Maputo, I will definitely do that!

Alexandra Amaro said...

Actually, Jo Ann, I've been thinking about your suggestion and I included dollars in the prices on my site. A lot of people receive salary in USD here in Moz, so it is definitely pertinent.


Jo Ann von Haff said...

Ah bummer !
Honestly, as soon as I saw the link, I just went there, didn't read the rest !! :-$
I was selfishly thinking about me myself and I, but you're welcome ;-)

Good luck !! :-)

Rrramone said...

Ah, if only I were in Maputo. :-) Love the new blog, and get well soon!!