Thursday, April 24, 2008

Felicidades, Rico! (and many other random thoughts)

First of all, Happy Birthday to Rico! Today he turns 29. We had appetizers and dessert at our favorite restaurant for lunch, and I am throwing him a mini birthday party this evening with homemade lasagna and plenty of beer.

In other news, I am frustrated by technology. I now have two blogs - this one, and Alexandra Amaro where I show my jewelery. I want to have them under one account to facilitate administration, but would like to have two different profiles appear (I don't want "Ali la Loca" on my jewelry site where I'm attempting to present myself as a "serious designer"...because seriously, would you blindly purchase jewelry from someone who calls themselves Ali the Crazy One?

Unfortunately it seems this isn't possible, so perhaps I'll just embrace the Ali la Loca name and go with it on both sites.

Any help, blogspot bloggers? Is it possible to have two different profile names on the same account?

And, in other-other news, it seems poor Pequena, the little kitten we rescued some time back, has disappeared from the farm at the Banana Empire where she went to live with my ex-colleagues June and JR. She's been gone for a week now, and the general consensus is that a snake got her. There are lots of snakes at the farm - several people have had freaking Mozambique Spitting Cobras in their living rooms (!!!) - and a little Pequena-sized snack would be perfect for one of those nasty, slithery beasts.

I'm so sad to hear that Pequena has disappeared - I even cried a bit yesterday when I finally lost hope that she might turn up after several days missing. The worst part is that this is the second kitten that has disappeared/died on June's young daughter. I fear the poor girl now things she is the one making the kitties die. :(

The creepiest part is that about 2 or 3 weeks ago, I dreamed in vivid detail that Pequena was being attacked by a snake. I saw the snake sink its fangs into Pequena, and knew that she was gone even though I mercifully woke up before the end of nature's struggle.

Whatever the end was for Pequena in real life, I just hope it was quick and painless, and that she enjoyed her months of luxury while they lasted.

I suppose this means we now have a vacancy for another adopted cat...that is, if June and JR want to go through the feline drama for a third time.


Jo Ann von Haff said...

Haooy birthday to your man and I'm sorry for the kitty...

The Girl from Mozambique said...

I think that you will have to have the same profile name/info under all you blogs when using Blogger. I faced the same problem.

Bilal said...

I'm not sure..
Hope u are well- I'm dropping by after ages!
My blog has died a bit- hope to revive it soon:)

Safiya Outlines said...

Belated happy birthday to Rico*! He is about one month older then my husband.

Pronounced with a 'h' not a 'r'. I remembered that from a very old post.