Thursday, May 22, 2008

So This Is What Finals Prepare You For...

I am exhausted. It feels like finals week in university, only worse because this is real life and not some simulated project. I am still struggling through the last stages of the investment memo for the local paint company. I still have a good night's work plus another insane day tomorrow before we submit the complete project to the committee for review. Next Wednesday, we will have a big conference call with BIC representatives from Washington and Johannesburg to discuss the project and decide whether or not it gets approval for funding.

I've been waking up at 5:45 for the past several days to work on the investment memo, and am staying up working until around 22:00. This afternoon I was so tired during my lunch break that I ate some mango sorbet and a slice of mozzarella cheese, put on my pajamas, and took a 45 nap with the cats. I am not a napper. It is usually 1) impossible for me to fall asleep during the day; and 2) not a good idea for me to nap because I wake up in such an incredibly foul mood. Today was different. Not only did I go to sleep immediately, I woke up feeling refreshed. I took a hot shower, then went back to work.

Tomorrow will be the last day of this craziness. I can't wait for the document to be finished and submitted, even if it's not 100% perfect according to my standards.

On a random note, I decided to make cream of celery soup tonight. It was delicious, perfect for the chilly weather of late here in Maputo. What I wanted to write about, however, was not my yummy made-up soup recipe - it is the fact that Pria and Parceiro go absolutely nuts whenever I sautee onions and garlic. Something about the smell drives them wild. They run around the kitchen rubbing their faces frantically against the corner of the counter, the cabinet handles, the vacuum cleaner hose, the sink faucet, or whatever other hard surface is available. The onions and garlic have a stronger effect on Pria, who will try to attack and bite my feet while I chop the next ingredients for the dish.

I tried Googling some combination of cat+onion smell+crazy+garlic+out of control with no luck. Any other cat owners notice this phenomenon?

Okay, enough with the random. I am going to do some editing, then fall promptly asleep to prepare for yet another crack-of-dawn wake-up call.


El Erik said...

Hey Ali, been reading your blog all day, from your first postings. It has really been amazing following your life in Mozambique! It is really a great story to follow!! Cant wait for the continuation :-)
Take care both of you, and have a saidera!

Southern Goddess said...

Hang in're almost done. Just remember the feeling of a job well accomplished - although, I shouldn't talk :).

P.S. Glad you're safe.