Saturday, October 13, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my birthday. I am feeling decidedly un-birthday-ish.

Rico is back for a visit, which is wonderful, and we had a nice dinner last night with a colleague, and have fun plans for the rest of the weekend. But I am in a bit of a funk. Very subtle, but I just can't seem to get excited or really *feel* much of anything except rather numb.

Maybe it's because of the terrible dream I had last night. It was about one of my worst fears, the kind you are afraid to even put a name to and write about lest you unwittingly make it come true. I have nightmares and vivid dreams that shake me up on a regular basis, bit this one was different. It really messed with me on a core level. I know I should pay attention.

Then again, maybe feeling un-birthday-ish is simply what happens as you get older. And, at 26, I am decidedly old. Ha, ha.


Lacithecat said...

Happy Birthday my dear!

And I know all about those dreams, so have no advice except to side-track youself (which you should be able to manage, smile).

(waving at Ricardo)

Meghan said...

Happy Birthday, Ali!

I hope you get out of your mini-funk and party it up! Love you,


Diva said...

PARABENS!!! Axo o 13 de Outubro um dia mto especial (por varias razoes). Que este ano seja repleto de saude, amor, dinheiro, bla bla bla... Tudo de bom p ti.
Bjs meus

Ali la Loca said...

~Lacithecat - I did manage to side-track myself. I cooked for about 5 hours straight getting ready for my birthday party/dinner party tomorrow. It worked!

~Meg - Thanks, girl. I wish you could have been here to have a beer with us and help me make ridiculous amounts of carne adovada and chicken fajitas. I miss and love you tons!!

~Diva - Obrigada!! Eu também adoro o dia 13/10, e não só porque é o meu aniversário. Adoro o número 13, e adoro outubro. Dizem que 13 dá azar, mas para mim é o contrário. Beijão para você.

Shades of Blue said...

Yes... dreams that linger even after the night is over... Wishing you resolution, and :-) a happy birthay cara jovem.

Alina Popescu said...

Happy Birthday, Ali! I wish you the best things the world has to offer.

And take it from someone who is turning 26 soon: YOU are NOT old :D

Ash said...

Happy Birthday Ali darling! I am a day late but I hope you had a wonderful day after all *hugs*

Ali la Loca said...

~Shades of Blue - Well, now a full 24 hours after the dream, I am able to look at it more figuratively and less literally. I ended up having a great day - thank you!

~Alina - No, I'm not old, I'm ANCIENT! I'm kidding. :) I really like being the age I am, be it considered relatively young or relatively old. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

~Ash - Thank you! Technically it's not a day late if you consider that I was born in the US...given the time zone difference, you are just in time!

Marcia said...

Happy Birthday, Ali!

I am a bad friend. Because I had it in my cell phone and thought I must send you an email and promptly forgot!

Hope your day brightened up a lot :)