Friday, March 12, 2010

Currently on My Playlist

I've really gotten into music again after a prolonged period of enjoying silence while working, writing and creating. I think my mind just needed a break in the midst of all the stimulation and new experiences that came with our move to Casa Cali and me starting school.

Now I'm loving having a soundtrack again, especially during my early-morning drawing sessions (I've found that 5:30am is my golden hour for doing elaborate, hours-long drawing assignments for class).



_+*A Elite in Paris*+_ said...

I love this!!! :)

A Elite

Capulanas by Mbini said...

Hey Ali,
Hope you are coping well with school, business and family. I am finally feeling like I live in Maputo. In a really good way.

I even go do shopping around, and I drive around very often without feeling abused. I will be taking a minibus taxi soon just for the fun of it.And I have bought my first 4 rolls of capulanas and used one roll to revamp my living area. Glad to see you have been in a capulana reporting mood too.

Now I need to know if there is any charity shop you know of in this part of the world. Maybe antique too other than Bali. It took me almost a year to gather strength to redecorate my home. And I realise I have everything I need for that in Moz actually. Great feeling indeed.

If I were to live in this house, for another 3 years in its current state, I'd definitely die of some strange unknown disease.

Enjoy your music.

Ali la Loca said...

~A Elite in Paris - I'm not surprised, as I tend to love your music recommendations as well.

~Capulanas by Mbini - First off, I really enjoyed your new blogger comments name! :)

I am so thrilled to hear that you are settling in Maputo life, and that you have discovered that redecorating your living space is SO TOTALLY WORTH IT no matter how long you will live there or how limited your decorating resources are. We did the capulana curtains look for the first 2 years we lived in Moz, and personally I loved it. We only changed because the cats climbed them so much they were totally destroyed.

So...on to charity shops. They are few and far-between in Moz, as far as formal establishments go. Obviously the markets are the place for "charity shops" in terms of clothes and the random household good. The only more formal ones I've found are:

1. Yola Mobílias, off Av. de Angola, I believe. It's on one of the roads leading to the airport, near Home Center. They have some antique chandeliers that are pretty interesting, but definitely not their core business.

2. REMAR charity shop, on Av. 24 de Julho, on your left if you are heading from Matola to Maputo. It is a ways up, more toward the Matola roundabout end than the Polana district, but again I don't know the cross street. They tend to have second-hand furniture and other random things - definitely worth a look.

Good luck with decorating!! And with your Maputo adventures. :)

Ali la Loca said...

~Mbini - Also, wear a helmet when you go on the chapa!!! ;)