Friday, March 05, 2010

My Definition of Heaven Has Gotten Quite Cheap

Isn't this an incredible photo of Mano and Nina? My mother-in-law took it (she is visiting us here at Casa Cali right now) and I can't get over the silhouetted trees in the background and the way the cats - in particular Mano in all his whiteness - look as if they've been photoshopped in from a different image.

Nina looks grouchy, but we forgive her. My mother-in-law is quite trigger-happy with the camera these days, and there simply comes a moment when a girl has had enough candid photos, thank-you-very-much.

Unfortunately the weather has been pretty crap lately, which is never what you hope for when you have houseguests who are looking forward to Sunny California. There was a bout of sunshine yesterday - though it was bitterly cold - so I decided to ditch my drawing class and join Rico and his mom on a passeio in San Francisco, complete with lunch at the Embarcadero, shopping and a ferry ride.

We had lunch at THE PLANT Organic Café, which has some of the tastiest food ever, although our meal was slightly tarnished by the fact that I hit my elbow ridiculously hard on the corner of the table while sitting down and subsequently lost all feeling in my right hand for about an hour. Also, the hostesses have major attitude, a theme we observed on our last visit to the restaurant as well. The girl who was seating us totally saw me slam my elbow and proceed to cry and curl up in a little ball - I cried, people! - and she didn't even have the heart to ask if I was okay or even acknowledge that I'd hurt myself. She just watched me for a minute or so, raised her eyebrows, then left the menus with Rico and sauntered back to the hostess stand.

Anyhow, a plattter of delicious oysters full of fresh horseradish helped me feel better. Each time I eat oysters I like them more and more - it's sort of akin to what happened to me with sushi and sashimi. I now undeniably have oyster fever. Rico and I have plans to go to this place his uncle Marcelo discovered at the Embarcadero where they have a $1 oyster happy hour every weekday at 5pm. Currently that is pretty close to my definition of heaven.


Anonymous said...

That photo is AWESOME. Love the trees!


meredith said...

MMmm 1$ oyster happy hour sounds like something I could learn to love:)

Anonymous said...

sorry about the elbow...beautiful pic of the cats - I love cats!I know this is maybe too public a forum to answer this - but i thought maybe since you lived here(maputo)you had an opinion regarding pekais restaurant. did it give you a funny feeling something was up? I enjoy going there, but everytime there is so much comings and goings, and I have witnessed some quarrels over women it seems.just wonder if I need to choose different eatery.
enjoy spring break.

Ali la Loca said...

~Rainbowlens - It was taken from outside our house, looking in through the window. I'd have never thought to photograph like this, but thanks to my m-i-l I will be trying it out at some point.

~Meredith - The oyster happy hour is front and center for my spring break activities. That and some suntanning if the weather cooperates.

~Joyce - We used to live right around the corner from Pekai's, so we went there a lot, probably once every 10 days or so. We'd always sit in the garden, which is lovely, and has the added bonus of you being somewhat oblivious to the comings-and-goings in the bar.

I don't doubt you saw something shady there regarding quarrels over women...the bar part of the restaurant has a reputation for attracting foreigners - in particular foreign men who are alone - so it's logical that there would be some of that type of "activity" going on. I think it's inescapable in Maputo, really, even in places like the Meat Co. that are supposedly "high end".

I wouldn't say to find another eatery unless you are offended by something you see there - in which case, by all means head somewhere else. We personally never had or witnessed any bad incidents there.