Thursday, March 25, 2010


I'm feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment. I think the week back to school after spring break is a hard one, especially if the weather outside is nice and you have about 100,000 unfinished things on your to-do list.

I have a big project for my jewelry/metals class due on Monday, so I'll be putting in some serious hours in the studio this weekend. I also have to start preparing for my core studio review, which is essentially when each student at CCA must present their work from Drawing I, 2D, 3D and 4D visual studies classes to a panel of professors for evaluation. Not to mention the giant woodworking project we are about to start in my 3D class, which will take up a lot of time.

It's funny, one of the main differences I see in art school vs. "regular" university is that you must approach time management in an entirely new manner. Rather, *I* must approach it in a different way - maybe some students can knock out an art project in a couple of hours the way I used to write 10-page essays the night before they were due and be certain I'd get an A.

Basically in art school, I can't procrastinate. I have to put in my work gradually - brainstorming an idea, models and materials samples, studio hours, finishing and refinement - otherwise a project simply won't come together the way I want it to (according to my admittedly very, very high standards). With reading- and writing-based classes, I could always put the hard work off for most of the semester, then condense it into a couple of days or even an all-nighter right before an exam or essay. Not anymore...

On the one hand, my stress level has significantly decreased compared to other times I was in school. That's obviously thanks to the diminished procrastination - I tend to be more prepared, less pressured. However, working bit-by-bit on a project has also magnified exactly how long things take to come together, how many hours and pieces of metal and broken charcoal pencils and blistered fingertips are required for a vision to materialize.

So I suppose it's very accurate to say I am overwhelmed - I understand exactly what's ahead of me, and appreciate the massive amounts of work I will need to put in. That's always a bit daunting to realize...especially when life goes on - a garden that needs tending, cats that need petting, a website that needs updating, food that needs cooking, photos that need taking, muscles that need exercising, an inbox that needs purging - and there is never quite enough time for it all.


Teej said...

I'm very impressed! I can't help but think that I would be far more stressed out if I were not able to procrastinate.

Hmmm, is that the sign of a chronic problem?

Isabela Campoi, said...

Ali, tudo bem?
Vi esse vídeo e quero sugerir pra você.

Claudia said...

i take inspiration from you when I look at my 'workload' and feel that overwhelming (yet somehow satisfying and motivating) sensation... I don't think I could even handle dealing with a mortgage (and all that goes with it... i.e. garden-tending) at this point. Although, a part of me thinks something just like that would ground me to be a little more organized.

Funnily enough, I have been told 3 times this week on separate occasions and by different individuals that I seem very organized, and prepared... so clearly at least one area of my life is in order! Now for the rest... ;P

Keep it up hun - you're juggling a lot of balls, but remember some of them are bouncy and won't break if you miss a beat so don't put too much pressure on yourself! Focus on what makes you happy, prioritize top 3 items and the rest will wait for when you have more time. (*my recommendation for top 3: School; Rico; Cats... not in any particular order!)

Stacie said...

Will we get to see any pics of your projects? Glad it is going so well and you are learning so much!