Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Today, if I had several hundred spare dollars to spend on frivolous things, I think I'd book myself into a luxury hotel for a couple of days. I'd eat room service, get my nails done, take a bubble bath and watch tv. I believe my urge to snuggle up in luxury is influenced by the weather - it's really foggy outside at the moment, and looks like it will start raining at any second. I also have a touch of allergies, so it would be a great day to be pampered.

Seeing as a 5-star vacation isn't in the cards today, I suppose I'll go for second-best: cats, green tea with raspberries, a boiling hot shower, wool socks and some good music on the Sonos. And, of course, jewelry making. And reminiscing...

Check out some of the incredible places Rico and I stayed while in Vietnam for our honeymoon. The last two photos are from a *boat* that we took through Ha Long Bay. Incredible...

Makes me want to paint the walls of my office and finish decorating!

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