Saturday, January 02, 2010

I Tried.

I made a resolution to get back into dancing in 2010. I found a studio in Berkeley with cool worldbeat and Nia classes. I checked their website. I called to be sure they were open and got an answering service with the list of classes for today. After absolutely no indication they might be closed, Rico drove me to the studio and I was greeted with a padlocked door and no information about when classes will resume.

So frustrating. It certainly wouldn't have taken much effort to replace the regular phone message with holiday closure information, or to put a little note on the website. You'd think with all the exercise-related New Year's resolutions out there, the'd be savvier to the needs of new clients.


Try again another day, I suppose.


Jo Ann v. said...

Sorry, I know it's frustrating, but I had to laugh. It's always when you really want to do something you've been postponing that it doesn't happen !

Ali la Loca said...

~Jo Ann - It was a bit comi-tragic. The worst part was I had a feeling it was going to happen that way and still made the effort to go! Next week, I guess...try again.