Friday, January 29, 2010

Photo Day

My gorgeous friend Tara, who flew to Casa Cali a couple weeks ago for a photoshoot for

I'm almost there with the new website. The last few techie kinks are getting worked out as I write, and the only thing left on my to-do list is to take an additional round of product photos.

I am a total perfectionist, and while I already have some beautiful, carefully-edited photos of my jewelry, they feature different backgrounds. It has been a big challenge to me to find a unified-looking way to photograph both dark gems/blackwood pieces as well as bone-white trade beads and have everything look good. The white pieces in particular were really challenging, and I had to resort to using a darker background to make those photos pop. The products look great, but the photos don't look cohesive, which is driving me crazy.

I finally found a background that I think will work for all of my jewelry, regardless of the material. So today I am re-shooting so that my new website will look clean, pulled-together and professional. I think all of the long hours I've spent on my businesses deserve such a presentation. :)

And while I am a perfectionist, I am also a instead of re-shooting all of my pieces and further delaying my site launch, I am only re-shooting the main image for each item. With time, I can update the rest of the photos that appear as thumbnails.

Here's to a happy day as a shutterbug!

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Mbini said...

I know what you mean about re-shooting. Cant wait to see the final product.

All the best.