Monday, January 11, 2010

The Student Routine

I had my first day of school today. It was great, but I am exhausted. I guess this whole 6-hours-a-day-in-studio-classes thing will involve an acclimation period.

Still, it is so cool to be doing this. I had Jewelry and Metal Arts I and Visual Studies in 3D today, and I'm super excited about both classes. The jewelry studio is full of incredible tools, and in my 3D class we get to build giant sculpture-like things using wire, plaster, wood and many other fun materials.

I already have homework, and a supplies list a mile long.

Notes to self:

- Get a backpack.
- Leave a pair of ballet slippers in my jewelry locker at school so I can put them on if I forget to wear closed-toe shoes.
- Buy a pair of cute sneakers.
- Get in the habit of packing my own lunch. I paid $5 for a simple turkey sandwich today, which is definitely not sustainable.
- Drink a coffee after lunch.

Tomorrow I have Drawing I and History of the Ancient Arts. Should be a fun day.


Live said...

your classes are amusing Ali :) ... have fun

Ali la Loca said...

~Live - They are fun classes so far. I hope it stays that way when the work load increases. :)

Brandie said...

Now that's the kind of education i'd love to be getting: drawing, studio arts, etc. it really sounds like a blast!

I heard about this jewelry designer earlier today and thought of you...amazing stuff

Jmo said...

History of the Ancient Arts sounds like a Harry Potter class!