Saturday, January 30, 2010

Getting Back on the Horse

The workout horse, that is. It's time to, as they say in Portuguese, tomar vergonha na cara and get back to an exercise regime. I was doing great back in Maputo thanks to weekly sessions with Liliana the personal trainer, but the move to Casa Cali threw a wrench in my motivation (and time) to exercise. Now that I've finally settled into a routine with school, jewelry making, errands and life in general, it's time to get back in shape.

I tried going to a dance class the other day, but the studio was frustratingly closed and I lost my momentum to go back the next week and try again. All of the Nia classes I've found require using the car, which is a huge pain as there is NO parking near any of the studios. I really, really wish I could find a Nia studio near BART, but alas it doesn't look like it's in the cards, at least this semester. So I've decided to go for the next best alternative - personal training near school.

I found a great studio that is literally 1 block from campus, which means it is easy to get to right after class, and the likelihood of procrastination/laziness is much less than if I had to come home and leave again (or drive!) to go to work out. Also, by paying for personal training it actually helps me take advantage of my workouts. I feel a much greater obligation to actually go and give it my all, as opposed to joining a gym or doing group classes somewhere (other than Nia, of course, which I love and am always motivated to do).

I have an intake consultation on Tuesday, and am really looking forward to getting active again. I was so proud of what I accomplished in Moz in terms of core strength and muscle tone, and it's a shame to see that most of it has slipped away in the few months we've been here in California. Time to get back at it, one step at a time.


nola said...

Good for you! I've never found a personal trainer I liked, sadly. I should try again (it's actually on my "when I have a job and income" list). And it's stupid things that overwhelm me, like remembering to take change of clothes, etc. So I shall be encouraged vicariously through you!

AmanZman said...

Nice...def gotta get motivated to hit the gym. Do you have any recommendations in Maputo? Also congrats on the website!

Still no word on the Ethio restaurant..Cottage was a dead end, and another lead I had in front of the immigration office by Ho chin Min ave didnt happen either. I met this semi drunk guy at a bar yesterday who told me there is on near Polana on Ave. De Jesu Matteo or Matteo Jesu called Fikerta (which means love/lover in Ethiopian), so that is my next lead. This really has become a quest of epic proportions.

Ali la Loca said...

~Nola - I was lucky to have a great trainer in Maputo (an ex-olympic athlete from Ecuador who became a good friend) who really got me hooked on private workout sessions. I went to this studio by my school the other day, and hopefully I'll find someone who's a good fit. I must say, though, the bar has been set pretty high by our old trainer!

~AmanZman - I can't believe what a mission the Ethiopian restaurant has become! Makes me even more curious about it, if it in fact exists. I've never heard of Fikerta, but let me know what you discover!

Gym recommendations: Physical is the biggest and best-known. Great if you are able to go off-hours; very crowded if you go at peak times. Nice facilities, though, and a great pool to use in the summer. I heard they were opening a gym to the public at Indy Village, but never visited...