Monday, January 18, 2010

A Chuva Vem Me Dizer...

Well, I wanted to post Marisa Monte's "Segue o Seco" video, but it won't let me embed the video. It's raining cats and dogs outside and it made me think of the rain-related lyrics to that song, although it's about the lack of rain in the Nordeste rather than excess water like we are getting at the moment at Casa Cali.

So instead, here's another Marisa Monte video with some of the sweetest, most clever lyrics every. It's in Portuguese, but I believe there is a translate feature. I'd be curious to know if it's at all accurate because this is a hard one to take out of context.

Anyhow, I'm on storm drain duty this morning. We have a drain next to our house that collects all of the runoff from the street (it's the lowest point on the block) and in theory channels the water through a tube down to another storm drain, and eventually to the Bay. The problem is that it gets clogged up with leaves and sticks quite easily, thus blocking the drain and causing the runoff to accumulate and spill over into our front garden causing a mini-arroyo.

Usually Rico is the one to brave the rain and unclog the drain using a broom, but he's at a meeting so that duty fell to me this morning. Of course, it's the hardest rain of the season and by the time I got my boots and rainjacket on, the water had pooled up and was halfway up my calves. I couldn't even find the drain because there was so much water, so I had to use my bare hands to feel around for the debris, then clear away handfulls of debris until the drain was flowing again. I can appreciate how people get hypothermia so quickly in cold water. After about 30 seconds of cleaning, I couldn't feel my fingers at all, and rainwater seeped into my rubber boots over the top brim, making my toes go numb as well.

Anyhow, the situation is under control and I'm now going to make a cup of tea and start on my homework for drawing class. I have to do contour drawings of a pair of my shoes, which should be fun. I'm torn between my Hugo Boss black high heels that are full of pleated leather, or these cute purple mules by Clark's that have a stacked heel and nice detailing on the toe.

Or, I suppose I could draw my rain boots...

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