Wednesday, August 20, 2008


- I decided to stay home from work. I've been consulting for the Big International Company since February, and in the beginning of my assignment I had enough work to merit 4 full days in the office per week. Now, the assignment is naturally coming to a close as I push the projects forward, and I find myself very, very bored at the office most of the time. So today I decided to do something productive with my day, enjoy it to the fullest...especially since I've accepted a "real" full-time job set to start on October 1st. More on that later.

- I had two cups of coffee and a cup of tea.

- I made three pairs of colorful cluster earrings with trade beads from Mozambique Island, and two pairs of big wooden disc earrings with crystals and pearls hanging off the bottom. The National Crafts Fair is just around the corner, and I'm definitely in full-on production mode.

- I made a ricotta cheese cake for an afternoon snack.

- I had a great talk with Rico about financial planning and our investment and savings goals for the short and long term.

- Rico and I took Parceiro to the vet for day two of treatment for a urinary infection. I'm so glad to have his help in taking the boys to the vet. I hate the vet almost as much as the cats do. Somehow their fear and stress and restlesness transfers straight to me, and I feel like crying every time I have to watch them be held down on the examining table. But now, I just go along for the ride and sit in the waiting room while Rico deals with the difficult parts.

- I made plans to go to an African modern dance class tonight with a new friend, which I am very excited about.

- I made fresh juice in the juicer (apple, pear and orange mix).

- I lamented the sad state of my potted plants on the verandah. The only ones doing well are the bouganvilhas; the two ficus trees have pale small leaves and refuse to perk up and grow, and the hibiscus are infested with aphids that no matter how many times I treat, they always come back with a vengeance. I'm considering throwing out the hibiscus and doing a mini herb garden in the pots instead.

- I surfed the internet.

- I enjoyed this unexpected, self-granted present of a day off!


Southern Goddess said...

Welcome back, Mrs. Amaro. I thought your pics were beautiful and fun-filled. It's nice to have a day off and relax. My son started school this past Monday, and I have been doing my Texas version of the samba for 3 days straight - only missing a margarita in my hand. It wouldn't be kosher to pick him up and smell like a bar :)! I know, terrible isn't it...SG

MoziEsmé said...

sounds like a most productive day - especially the cheesecake part.

Ali la Loca said...

~Southern Goddess - Thank you. I really did enjoy the day off. I'm curious about the Texas version of the samba, aaaand you've made me want a margarita! The only way that's going to happen is if I whip out the triple sec and the blender and make one at home. :)

~Moziesmé - The cheesecake was yummy and incredibly easy to make, though it is different from US-style cheesecake and therefore just a little bit disappointing.