Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Master Goal List for August 2009

I'd like to look back at this one year from now and see that I managed to accomplish most of these objectives.

1. Contribute $xxxx per month to savings, so that I am on track to having the equivalent of 3 month's salary available by October 2009.

2. Contribute $2,000 to IRA by December 2008. Self-employment in a foreign country = no reliable pension fund unless I create one myself.

3. Visit Kruger Park. It's 2 hours away, and we've yet to go.

4. Visit Ilha de Moçambique. One of my dreams is to sift through the sand and find some of the trade beads I use so often in my jewelry.

5. Take a proper holiday to celebrate our 1-year wedding anniversary. Plan ahead, book tickets, hotel rooms, etc.

6. Maintain my health and fitness level so that my wedding dress still fits on our anniversary. Try it on and enjoy the memories!

7. Submit a piece of my writing for publication.

8. Donate at least $200 to an animal shelter.

9. Send the thank-you notes for our wedding by November 2008.

10. Legally change my name on all pertinent documents by November 2008. This will be a bit of a nightmare, but I must make the effort.

11. Remodel the kitchen in our flat. At the very least, change the cabinets.

12. Paint all the walls in our flat. We've already done the living room, and it made a giant difference. Totally worth the effort.

13. Learn how to parallel park in a right-hand-drive car. I can't really do it well with the wheel on the other side either, but not knowing how to properly park causes me daily stress.

Perhaps I will add to this list with time, but these are the big ones that come to mind at the moment.


MoziEsmé said...

Very ambitious! I love lists - it makes me feel accomplished even before starting.

You haven't been to Kruger yet?! It is definitely worth the time . . .

Good luck on the parallel parking! I never did master it well in the US, and there is no way I'm going to attempt it here, amongst crazy drivers and on the wrong side of the road, etc etc. So I avoid it at all costs and either park in the middle of the road or on a side street that I can coast into.

Anonymous said...

you do need to visit kruger. If you want a great experience on a budget price i suggest looking at wwww.krugerview.com for accomodation. Its a nice, quiet, small lodge and very close to the maputo border! in komatipoort, and they organize the day trip excursions into kruger for a relative decent price as well. its by crocodile bridge gate to kruger.
enjoy your adventures...

Ali la Loca said...

~Moziesmé - I know, it's crazy we haven't been to Kruger yet. I've been in Moz over 3 years, and it's always the vacation option that is "just around the corner" so we always put it off in order to go far-away places on holiday. :)

The parallel parking is going to be a saga...I'll keep you posted. Right now I'm willing to walk forever in order not to parallel park, but in front of our building I have no choice but to do it as we have no garage or safe parking otherwise.

~Anonymous - Thank you for the tip! I will certainly check out that site the next chance we get to do a weekend away.