Tuesday, June 02, 2009


It is starting to sink in that we are leaving Mozambique.

It's a familiar feeling, that of starting to savor every moment because you wonder when, or if, you will ever be able to approximate it again.

The bright turquoise waters of an estuary ebbing past an old suspension bridge, under the potholed highway, before forming whirlpools at the juncion where river meets Indian Ocean.

The Southern Hemisphere stargazing on crisp just-winter nights, locating Orion's belt, the Pleiades, the Southern Cross and even rusty Mars against the dark backdrop.

The sweet-salty crab at Clube Naval.

The parties and dinners and realization that I've formed an incredible, although often geographically transitory group of friends.

I have suddenly shifted into minimalize mode. In addition to it being practical (and necessary) to de-clutter before a move, it is almost as if the extra clothes and furniture and papers distract me from that which I truly want to appreciate in these last few months.

I reminisce frequently about my final time in Austin, what an incredible experience that was out to the last unexpected morning in the city.

Leaving is such a bittersweet experience, but it's almost like I most appreciate where I've been and the friendships I've made in those moments just before I give a kiss and walk onto a plane.

Here's to enjoying what's still to come.

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Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed your blog. I hope you keep on writing after you leave! I'm interested in knowing how you will part with your stuff. I live just down the road from you and may be interested in some of it...