Friday, June 12, 2009

Northern Bound

I'm heading up to Ilha de Moçambique today for a mini-vacation with Ricardo. He's been working based in Nampula these days, and it will be nice for us to take some time off together in that region. I wish we could do 2 weeks of holiday, but a weekend will have to suffice as we both have work obligations that make it impossible to fall off the radar for an extended period at this point.

I'm looking forward to this trip more than I can express. I hope to come back to Maputo not only relaxed and rejuvenated, but with a suitcase full of beads and pottery shards.

Enjoy your weekend, wherever you may be.

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Erik Cleves Kristensen said...

Really great you are going there!!!!!!!! I hope you get to go to the Cabeceiras as well! Take the boat perhaps to the beach, but I am actually sure you will like to explore the old governors palace ( as well as the nearby church. I am also sure you will like the old mighty streets of ilha. It is a fascinating place! I am certain you will enjoy it!!!!!!!
And have a saidera for me :-)