Saturday, December 27, 2008

Alexandra Amaro Jewelry Cluster Series

I do a lot of cluster-style earrings using trade beads from Ilha de Moçambique, but had never done necklaces or bracelets for some reason. A friend asked me to do a custom order cluster set using traditional materials, and it set off a series of pieces in similar styles. I just did one in red with garnets and carnelian for a friend, but neglected to take photos. Thankfully I see her all the time and can remedy that easily.

Custom order: set with freshwater pearls (white, pink and champagne colors), mother of pearl, stardust 14k goldfill beads, swarovski crystals on sterling silver chain.

Another custom order: chain necklace with a hammered sterling silver ring, stick pearls, swarovski crystals and a white pearl accent.

Cluster bracelet in cool gray tones: labradorite, silver and peacock freshwater pearls, swarovski crystals on sterling silver chain.

Purple cluster set: earrings and bracelet with bright amethyst, lavender amethyst, swarovski crystals, czech glass and purple/pink freshwater pearls on sterling silver chain.

This was a custom order in which the client liked an existing earring design I do (clusters of peridot and pearls with a yellow quartz focal bead), and wanted a matching necklace. I love how this turned out! The necklace features freshwater pearls, yellow quartz, peridot, green swarovski pearls, and mother of pearl on silver chain.

I confess, I was very tempted to keep this set for myself!


Jo Ann v. said...

I love the bracelets ! I love bracelels that make noise actuammy (I lost my charmbracelet a while ago) and I love the jingle :D
Those are really pretty !

laundrygirl said...

Such beautiful pieces! It's fun to see your work as it progresses and changes while you explore many different ideas. I love the set you are wearing; it brings out the green in your eyes. I think you should keep it. It'll be great advertising for your business as you wear it around town.

Bilal said...

love ur stuff- available in SA?
hope all is well- i see that i've lost the link from your blog to mine:(