Thursday, December 04, 2008

In a Typical Day, I...

- hit snooze for 30 minutes
- walk up at least 16 flights of stairs
- check email 80 times
- go on Facebook, Perez Hilton and Go Fug Yourself
- read blogs
- drink 1 cup of coffee
- drink 2 glasses of wine
- drink 1 cup of tea
- swear multiple times in Portuguese
- cuddle the cat
- have lunch with Rico
- watch a program on the Style Network
- write at least 1 list
- wear high heels
- listen to loud music in the car
- eat peri-peri
- clean up someone else's mess
- talk to my mom or my dad
- water my struggling houseplants
- wash no dishes
- aggravate my tendonitis through excessive computer work
- write 40 emails
- try to go to bed earlier and never do
- speak at least 2 languages
- read the news online
- procrastinate


--jenna said...

Pretty typical for me too! Well, almost:)

I think I make more lists...

And there's something about the Brazilian summers. At least 2 showers a day. Minimum!

Saudades de vc!

La Framéricaine said...

Sounds like a wonderful life and makes for a great list, Querida!

Rrramone said...

Gosh we are so similar. Except for the perez hilton thing. :-)

hey, where are you on facebook??

Rrramone said...

p.s. I am under Willie Baronet