Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kitty Names

Rico and I decided. Our two new kittens are Mano and Nina. Mano because we wanted something that reminded us of Parceiro's name. Parceiro means "partner", and Mano is slang in São Paulo for "brother". Nina was inspired by the stray cat we took in earlier this year, Pequena, because they look a lot alike. The diminuitive form of Pequena in continental Portuguese is "pequenina", thus Nina.

They are so cute, and it's nice to be able to call the kitties by name.

Pria, however, continues unimpressed. There have been several hissing episodes through the varanda door.


Anonymous said...

Yeahhh on the new kittens. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures.
Kim in Albuquerque

judy in ky said...

Nice names. Enjoy your new "kids". I love kittens. We adopted two more a while back. Our original cat hissed at first, but now they get along fine.

Mbini said...

Hi Ali
Nice blog indeed.

My name is Mbini. I am a South African (live in Pretoria). I want to talk to you about "living in Maputo". Hubby just got a job offer.

I have two kids. Well you may get some post about it in my blog if you have time. I just want to know how an expat's wife lives there. I am so used to having a job or business. Please let me know by responding in my blog or emailing me at noziphelo(at)gmail(dot)com

will visit again,

Mbini said...

Thought of tracking your comments so that I dont miss my response.

Hi to the boys.

putri-bali said...

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more, keep on updating.

Ali la Loca said...

~Kim - Yes, pictures will come soon. It's been raining a lot lately, so I am waiting for sunny weather to take some photos.

~Judy in KY - I'm glad to hear that your cat introduction ended up okay in the long-run. I'm concerned about how Pria will react!

~Mbini - Good to meet you! I will check out yoru blog, and would be happy to exchange some emails with you to hopefully answer your questions. It's hard to say how an expat wife lives here, as it really depends on the person, their lifestyle, and whether or not she is permitted to work (I know spouses of diplomats usually have employment restrictions).

~Putri-Bali - Thank you, updates will be more frequent over the holidays!

MoziEsmé said...

Yeah, you got your kittens! They sound adorable. Pria is a very pretty kitty, by the way - I'm sure everyone will be tolerant soon enough... :)

Thanks again so much for the earrings; they are beautiful. It feels odd to be away from Mozambique, though our stuff is still all there until we move to Zimbabwe in February, so it's not like we're gone permanently.

Hope you have a great holiday!

Ali la Loca said...

~MoziEsme - It was great to meet you, let me know when you are back in town and where you end up in Zim! Best of luck to you and your family.