Monday, March 24, 2008

Because You Can't Make This Shiz Up...

A friend who is a partner in an import/export company based in China recently visited us in Maputo hoping to make some business contacts. We set up some meetings, facilitated some introductions, and spent many nights discussing various business ideas over beers.

Yesterday, our friend sent us an email with the good news that one of the meetings we set up for him while in Maputo seems to have resulted in a deal. The owner of a local supermarket chain apparently requested a quotation for a specific product our friend can source for a good price in China, and it looks like the deal will move forward.

Curious, I asked our friend what product the supermarket owner had requested.

Friends, the answer was simply priceless. Of all the products to be responsible for our first China-Mozambique brokered deal, I certainly didn't imagine it would be TOILET BOWL CLEANER. Not the most glamorous product ever, but at this point we are taking what we can get!

Imagine it...Ali and Rico indirectly responsible for an entire container of toilet bowl cleaner being shipped to Maputo.

Heh heh heh. This totally made my night!

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Southern Goddess said...

Ok, that made me laugh. Next time I flush, I'll be thinking of you - in a good way! Progress, it's amazing. I adore the jewelry you've shown recently. I may add them to my collection, as well as those of one of my sister's...I'm the youngest of 7 - yes, 7. But, only if you inscribe your initals in some way. I have a feeling that you will make a living this way, and I want your initials before you become contagiously famous! Take care, SG