Thursday, March 13, 2008

Grocery Run

Today I am going with my friend A. across the border to Komatipoort for a mini road trip. The big plan is to do some grocery shopping at Spar, as just about everything is cheaper than in Mozambique, and the variety tends to be greater.

I'm not one of these people who lives in Maputo but depends on South Africa for 100% of her shopping, entertainment and medical needs (clothes, appliances and doctor's appointments in Nelspruit, Kruger or any of the quaint little guest houses in Mpumalanga for relaxing weekends, groceries at any of the Spars or Woolworths throughout the area), however it is very nice to cross the border occasionally to mix things up.

It's funny, going to South Africa reminds me a lot of going home. Of course, there are many differences compared to the US, but there is something about being in a small-town shopping mall or a big grocery store (the layout is *exactly* the same as a Safeway or Smiths) that just brings me right back to the land of all things familiar.

In other news, Ricardo was meant to come back this evening, but his flight was cancelled. It now seems he's only taking off from São Paulo this morning, and will likely be stuck overnight in Joburg due to the late arrival of the new flight. :(

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