Thursday, August 12, 2010


My Facebook status from a few days ago:

"Ali la Loca just took a big, greedy, excited bite out of what she swore was a chocolate bon-bon...only to discover it was a fucking artisanal piece of soap."

Someone gave my mother-in-law a pretty little basket full of what looked to be white and milk chocolate bon-bons. For some reason, she thought they were stones. Both Rico and I were convinced they were chocolates. To prove my point, I took a big ol' bite out of one of the 'bon-bons'...and immediately realized that all of us had it wrong. I spent the rest of the day with very clean teeth and a disgusting, perfumey taste in my mouth. Lesson learned: smell before you bite.


laundrygirl said...

LOL! You are too much! :)

NOLA said...

LOL! We should be FB friends - I always need a good laugh, and I shamelessly check FB all the doggone time, even when in court.

Alexandra said...

~laundrygirl - It was a memorable experience, that's for sure!

~NOLA - you should add me as a friend. my fb name is ali burr amaro.