Saturday, August 14, 2010

Carry-on Only Update

We're nearly to the end of our trip to Brazil and I wanted to post an update about how it's been traveling for 2+ weeks with only the contents of a carry-on suitcase. In a nutshell, it's been great. No hassles going through customs, no gigantic bags to haul around, and appropriate clothes for every occasion and type of weather we've encountered thus far. That said, there are some little adjustments I'd make if I could go back in time and pack this little suitcase again, namely:

Things I wish I'd brought along:
  • lightweight baseball cap (I miss having a hat when I go running);
  • pair of lounge pants (I brought leggings, which are fine and comfortable, but somewhat limiting in that they have to go *under* other layers, not over);
  • another set of workout clothes (I brought 2 sets, but I've actually been really good on this trip and exercised at least 7 times. It's been okay just washing the workout clothes I have, but an additional set would have been great);
  • thin pair of socks/knee-highs that can be worn with ballet flats (it's been COLD);
  • a hoodie, or some other long-sleeved top that can be worn while working out (I've used my regular long-sleeved top, which has been okay, but I miss my hoodie);
  • a travel umbrella (we've borrowed one from family for this trip, but it would be necessary in any other context);
  • fabric beach bag;
  • capulana/kanga/pareo or whatever you like to call a beach wrap. Ideally one that could double as a scarf.
Things I wish I'd left at home:
  • dressy tank top (I brought 2, which was one too many);
  • quite so much makeup...I would have been fine with just the colors I wore for the wedding;
  • set of gold costume jewelry (haven't worn it...was intended to make my outfits "dressier", but we ended up not going out at night at all this trip);

In all, a pretty good job. Assuming that I don't have to bring a floor-length formal gown and fancy high heels on our next international trip, I should be able to adjust the contents of my suitcase according to the above lists and still be within the 17.5 lb weight limit. And if it's a domestic trip, I have no worries since airlines don't seem to care how heavy your bag is as long as it is the appropriate dimensions.


--jenna said...

I meant to ask you this when we had lunch, but the carry-on weight limit is new to me. Do they actually weigh your bag? And is it a specific airline's requirement or something new for everyone? :)

Ali la Loca said...

~Jenna - It's standard for international flights (usually stated as 8kg). It's usually stated on the website, as well as with the "fine print" along with your ticket.

It depends on the airline whether or not they weigh your bag. For example, I never flew internationally on South African Airways without my carry-on being weighed - and they were *strict* about the limit. I've also had my bag weighed (while entering the jetway!) by Air France. This time, LAN didn't weigh our bags, but we were totally ready in case they wanted to!

NOLA said...

These updates educate and inspire me! Thank you!

(I am sadly the woman who carries everything just in case. I really like to be prepared for every possibility and emergency for me and everybody else in the world.)