Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wedding Photos, Attempt #2

Mmmkay, looks like we are going to do the wedding photos over several posts, thanks to Blogger who will only let me upload five at a time. Last night I thought the photo dvd was scratched or something, but today it's clear the problem is not on my end.

Enjoy these images from our ring exchange to our triumphant exit from the church. We got married literally across the street from our house in Rio. As we came out of the church, there was a giant crowd waiting for us. I was so excited I let a triumphant fist pump fly, bouquet and all. One smart-ass in the crowd yelled out to Rico as we walked by, "D'aqui pra frente só piora, meu irmão." Hah! We're sure proving him wrong on that one. :)


The Girl from Mozambique said...

The black and white ones are fabulous.

Marcia said...

Gorgeous pics - I'm enjoying looking at them again - and CONGRATS to you two on two years (I can't believe it!!!)

Big hugs to you and Rico

Jody said...

I love, LoVe, LOVE WEDDING PHOTOS! Yours are especially beautiful!

Happy Anniversary!