Wednesday, December 02, 2009

What Is the Obsession with Pomegranate?

I mean, seriously! Why is every last thing from fabric softener to "flameless luminary" faux candle air fresheners to hand creme scented with pomegranate these days? And don't get me started on all the granola bars and juices that are pomegranate-flavored. I get all the health benefits of pomegranate, but this seems like a overload.

I remember a few years ago when the big thing was cranberry. What's next, I wonder. Fig? Satsuma? Passion fruit? We all know that açai is already on the horizon (as a weight loss supplement, no less!) so I suppose that's off the trendy list...

In other news, my mind is slowly being corrupted by commercials. Rico and I watch at least one episode of Law & Order and one of Criminal Minds each night - it's our favorite way to relax at the end of a work day - and the commercials during these shows are just terrible. They are also lamentably effective. For the last two days, the Geico commercial with the talking pothole has been stuck in my head. I have a talent for imitating accents, and I can do the ditzy Southern, "Oh, naaaaaaaaaaaoe!" spot on. "Hawld on, lemme get mah ce-lyoo-lur, call ya a wreckur." Please tell me you know the commercial I'm talking about. I did it on the phone for my friend Jenny in Moz the other day, and I think she thought I was losing it. Still, I laugh every time I see the stupid thing on tv.

Other top commercials on the mind: the whole "Love Stinks" series by Swiffer, Geico again with the Russian thug pipes the car backs into, and a top contender for my favorite ad on tv at the moment, the Mucinex animated mucus guy that dances at the Cough-a-Cabana, invites all his animated mucus relatives for the family reunion, and protests, "Twelve aowahs!" at the purported duration of the medicine.

Yes, mush. My brain is turning to mush. I should be filling my mind with QuickBooks and taxpayer id#'s and brilliant ideas for how on earth I'm going to manage being at 8am classes for the next 3 years...come to think of it, it's not surprising I want to watch trash at the end of each night. ;)


nola said...

I had to talk to somebody from northern Louisiana who had EXACTLY that accent and it took me all the restraint in the world not to giggle the whole conversation.

When I have the TV on, I mute and leave the room during commercials. They're just too much for me to handle.

and I've had to cut back on my Criminal Minds intake because damn - everybody's looking like an un-sub to me!

'Drea said...

I love pomegranates but if they're not unfettered, I don't want them.

People are just out to make a buck on the latest POM craze...

The commercial that's currently stuck in my head is the "Give a give a give a Garmin" one.

Ali la Loca said...

~Nola - I don't think I'd be capable of keeping a straight face. I've been imitating this accent all week, and if I heard it "for real" I think I'd lose it on the spot!

~'Drea - I don't know that particular commercial. Perhaps I'll have to branch out of the one channel I watch (it has all the detective-type shows I crave, so I never venture elsewhere). I vaguely remember POM...never had it, though. Obviously it was popular otherwise there wouldn't be so much imitation these days.

JC said...

I have only one THING to say to you:


Can't wait to watch TV with you!


Anonymous said...

"...Cause Ahm a pot-hole? Soooo......kBAI!"

I always have high expectations for pomegranate flavored stuff but am always let down. Although, it's usually mixed with something else like blueberry...still just give me my strawberries and call it a day.

I have to say that some of the beer commercials have really been making me giggle lately (on sports Sundays). I'm addicted to L&O SVU and the original as well.


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