Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Seen in Maputo #3: Chapa Slogans

Perhaps one of my all-time favorite passtimes in Maputo is to spot funny slogans on chapa windscreens and bumpers. I often wish I had a notebook handy just to write down some of the gems that appear in the form of decals on the ubiquitous minibus taxis.

A few choice examples that I have managed to record:

Holla Back
13 Missed Calls (from the chapa owned by one of our neighbors - with time it's turned into 3 Missed Calls as the lettering has worn off)
Bred Pitt
G-Unit (very popular)
Tá Dominado
Funk Club

My favorite, however, is when you see a chapa with something like "Top Gangsta Forever" on the back window that is blasting Celine Dion at full volume on the stereo as its chain-blinging, sunglasses-wearing driver races through the streets of Maputo. As they would say here, "Nice, pá."

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nola said...

Giggle - all the gangstas blare Celine before they cap somebody. Clearly he needs to spend some time watching The Wire to build up his street cred.