Sunday, April 19, 2009

The First Steps of the Next Chapter

Word gets around quickly here in Maputo, home of the ultimate gossip grapevine, so I figure it's time to officially announce our plans now that our closest friends have been been informed in person.

Rico and I have decided that our Mozambican chapter is drawing to a close. This is likely not much of a surprise to you, given recent discussions regarding my job burn-out, the changes in the labor laws for foreigners, and the fact that we've been here for quite a long time and I desperately miss my family.

We've felt for a while that it's time to move on, but now we have concrete plans. Our destination is the San Francisco Bay Area. We will hopefully move toward the end of this year. Rico has been offered an opportunity in investment management (which he is thrilled about), and I will be pursuing a serious career as an artist. I am applying for a degree in jewerly design and metalsmithing at the California College of the Arts, and hopefully will be starting my studies at the beginning of 2010. We also hope to purchase our first home before we move, likely in the East Bay.

In preparation, we've submitted the paperwork for Rico's residency visa in the US, we've applied for prequalification for a mortgage, we've looked into the logistics of traveling with the cats, and I've started putting together my portfolio for art school.

Big news, no?

I say it's time to celebrate! Here's a virtual toast to forging your own path, following your heart and finding success and happiness in the process. Cheers to all, and thanks for all the support along the way.


Marcia Francois said...

WOW! You decide quickly, don't you? I thought it would be happening next year.

On the bright side, I now have two friends in California. Is Laguna Beach near where you intend to settle? My other friend (ex-Joburg) lives there.

Here's to going after your dreams, Ali - you're already a fabulous artist and you're going to go from strength to strength.

P.S. Whenever I wear the purple necklace you made me, all the girls on my floor stop me to admire it "those beads are gorgeous" etc etc :)

JOSÉ said...

Sorry, but I can not celebrate, actually I feel very sad that you are leaving Maputo.
Obviously I understand the reasons for you moving on with your life, but...
I wish you all the best with your plans and we, Gloria and I, are still hoping that one day we can meet in Maputo or Johannesburg.
God bless you!

Jose and Gloria,

Ali la Loca said...

~Marcia - We felt the timing was right, we have a plan...and no real reasons to delay the next step. So we've decided to leap!

I'm glad you've enjoyed wearing the necklace I made for you. I'd love a photo of you modeling it. :)

~José - It's a bittersweet ending for us, too. We will certainly miss Mozambique, but this country will always have a very special place in our hearts, for it is where Ricardo and I met again after 5 years, and where we fell in love and began our life together.

Although I do visit your blog on a regular basis, I still am not clear whether you are based in Maputo or Joburg. Either way, it would be my pleasure to meet at some point here in Maputo. You can email me at rosa_brazil at Abraços!

Anonymous said...

I knew it! And I think it is really good news for you both.

Yeh! Now I have 3 reasons to visit the Bay area ... so I had better get planning.

Much love,


Brandie said...

Yay!!! How exciting for you!!

Maybe you'll be able to set up your Etsy shop again and eventually a something even much much bigger!

Congrats on your decision...I hope you are able to enjoy and make the most out of your remaining time in Moz. and Africa in general!

Linda said...

Good for you two for following your dreams. I hope it all works out as you hope.

poppy fields said...

Yay! Wishing you guys the best on your new adventures...keep us posted :)

Anonymous said...

wow, what a big decision...I thought it was all leading up to perhaps setting up a business in Mozambique.
Hope it all goes better than excellent in san francisco.

Ali la Loca said...

Thanks so much, everyone, for your support and kind words.

It's a big next step, but definitely we feel it is one in the right direction.

Erik Cleves Kristensen said...

This is so great news!!!! I am really happy for you guys, and looking forward to a saidera in California.
Well, you still have a bit left in Mozambique, but as much as I love Mozambique, it is not going to be the same without you there!

Anonymous said...

An investment management opportunity? Offered by your mother I presume...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. I just got the chance to catch up on the blog and before I finished it - I had to call B.G. to share the excitement with him.
I'm form northern California and I get home sick for the ocean and fresh seafood - and a week end in Carmel every three months or so.
I'm excited for you - and glad that the cats will become international travelers.
Kim from Albuquerque

Fly Brother said...

Congrats on the decision! I have some very good friends in SFO I'd like to put you in contact with, IF I'm unable to convince them to move with me to Sampa this fall.