Monday, March 30, 2009

Things I Look Forward to in the Midst of Uninspiring Times

I once commented to my mom that I always need something to look forward to - be it a cocktail with my girls at the end of the day, or a trip to Rio at the end of the year. Having something to look forward to keeps my spirits high, and helps me get through dull, routine days.

I'm in a bit of a rut at work these days, waiting for feedback on a particular document so that I can kick off a special project, and this is what I look forward to in the meantime:

- Buying some Mozambican gemstones and commissioning my own piece of jewelry at the goldsmith's. I am leaning towards tourmalines - rubelite and cupertine, if I can afford them.

- Snuggling with our cats.

- Drinking vinho verde and/or champagne at night for no particular reason, just to relieve the heat and relax a bit.

- Cooking on the weekends.

- Going to the beach, even if it is just Macaneta.

- Our trip to the US in September/October. In one fell swoop, we will visit my family, go to my 10-year high school reunion, and go to my friend Meghan's wedding.

- Finding and then buying an awesome loft in San Francisco. Ideally during said trip to the US. Can't let this unique investment window pass us by...

- Picking out my clothes and doing my makeup.

- Using my Brazil Nut exfoliating cream from The Body Shop in the shower, and then the corresponding body butter afterwards.

- Lunchtime.

- Talking to my parents on Skype.

- Making the next pair of earrings in my latest series of trade bead fusion designs.

- Seeing my friend M.'s lapidary equipment and, perhaps, learning a basic thing or two.

- Sleeping in on the weekend.

- Catching up with K., J., Z., and H. over some nice South African wine.

- Going grocery shopping.

- Cuddling with Rico in the morning in those glorious additional 5 minutes in bed.

- Visiting Ilha de Moçambique.

- Pilates with our trainer.

- TV. Preferrably Law and Order, Clean House, Top Gear, House and trashy movies. Need I say more?

When I make a list of it all, the day/week/month seems much easier already...


Mbini said...

I am anxiously looking forward to coming to Moz. Daughter's Dr says its not a problem. She is in no danger. Will email you.

Brandie said...

Wow - a loft in SF!! Does that mean you are considering moving back to the U.S. at some point?

Ali la Loca said...

~Mbini - So glad to hear your daughter isn't at increased risk. I'll look out for your email.

~Brandie - The loft idea was driven by our desire to invest in property now that prices are so low in the US. Basically, it's perfect timing. That way, we can rent out the loft if we aren't living in it (and pay our mortgage an have an eventual income stream), and it is a great option for residence at some point in the future - we love SF!

Layla B. said...

I've always wondered, how do you express the idea, "I'm looking forward to.." in Portuguese? I feel it really expresses what I mean in English but have never found a way to express the sentiment in Portuguese. Even my Brazilian friends who speak English have never really come up with a satisfactory answer. Figure I need a native English speaker with your level of Portuguese fluency to give me an answer once and for all! Hope you can help...:)

poppy fields said...

I've got House tonight and a good white wine chilling...:)

Ali la Loca said...

~Layla B. - Wow, that's a tough one. I don't think there is an exact equivalent in Portuguese, but here are some suggestions:

Estou esperando ansiosamente...
Estou sonhando com...

Really, I'd rank this one right up there with saudades in terms of not being able to translate 100%.

What were your approximations?

~Poppy Fields - Sounds divine!