Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Note to Self: Book a Massage

I did pilates last night and it totally kicked my ass. I am constantly amazed by the effect - both mental and physical - that stress and a lack of sleep have on me. During my last pilates class, I performed at a very advanced level and the trainer consistently pushed me just a little bit harder. It was incredible, and I was very satisfied with my progress. From my performance in class yesterday, however, you'd think I'd never done pilates in my life. I could barely hold my legs up, and they shook uncontrollably the entire time due to one measly little stretch I did during warm-up.

This is not the first time I've observed my body totally unable to function physically on the level I know I'm capable of due to being tired and stressed. I always knew stress affected me, but now I can quantify exactly how much by comparing my pilates performance.

It's really humbling, and one can only imagine what stress does to other parts of the body.

Still, there's nothing quite like exercise - even if I shake and feel like an absolute beginner - to make me relax and forget about everything that is on my mind.


Terraconvida said...


Rrramone said...

So true! And book that massage. :-)

Mbini said...

I need one too and with my hectic schedule, I'm failing to get myself that time.

Read through your blog. Very nice pics of flowers, and nice things from Brazil. You seemed to have had a great time. Family reunions are always so apecial. Your cake also looks so tempting, even from the screen.

Sorry about Joburg. I feel so bad as I travel so often and hate cash. Hope it really turns out perfectly at work.

Hiccups with our relocations. Dr's are concerned about my daughter and Malaria. She is special needs and said to be more susceptible. Still researching on that. How is Malaria there, though???

Lovely weekend.

Ali la Loca said...

~Terraconvida - thanks!

~Rrramone - Man, I want too, but unfortunately it got pushed up a week. Stil on my list, though!

~Mbini - The trip to BR was great, and the cake was delish, the best I've had in quite a while.

Regarding your relocations, I'd follow your dr's advice regarding malaria, as you don't want to take chances in general, but especially with a special needs child.

Inside Maputo, there is malaria, but most of the cases are in people who have suffered from the illness since they were children - that is, chronic cases. However, we know of expats here in the city who have managed to contract malaria.

It is definitely not as bad here in the city as it is in the Provinces and in the rural areas. We don't take any pills, just always are careful to use insect repellant and use a fan to sleep so the mosquitoes have a harder time flying near us. We don't use nets because of the cats, but that's definitely one of the best preventive methods.

Good luck, and feel free to email if you have questions.