Monday, March 02, 2009

How is it March already??

Just a few quick thoughts in the midst of a very busy period...

- With my mom gone, and Rico away in Nampula on business, I've been at home alone for the past 3 nights. It's been nice, as I use alone-time to catch up on all my introverted activities that inadvertantly take a back burner when I'm with other people: journaling, jewelry design, phone calls, Etsy updates, organizing my photos, etc. However, while I've enjoyed the time to myself, it's undeniable that I prefer living with Rico, and even miss having long-ish term housemates and family in the house. This is pretty incredible coming from the girl who l-o-v-e-d her life as a loner.

- I miss cooking. We have a cook who comes 3 days a week to make us lunch, which is a total luxury and helps us avoid the trap of restaurant food 24/7, but it also means that we have a lot of leftovers and I almost never *have* to cook. I cooked this weekend for myself, and it was wonderful. Cooking for me is therapy. I love to chop, stir, spice, taste, and contemplate life, all with some good music and a glass of wine.

- I had a pilates class last night that totally kicked my ass. With Rico away, the trainer pushed me to the limit. My legs and arms trembled all night, and I slept like a rock. I am very sore today, but satisfied. I can clearly see that my body is stronger, and I am motivated to continue with pilates as it has also helped my posture immensely, not to mention my abs!

- There is a new volunteer consultant at work who looks just like John Cusack from the "Say Anything" period. I keep fighting back the urge to tell him about my realization. I'm sure he hears it all the time, though maybe not, as he is about 8 years younger than I am and maybe didn't see the classic 80's films? Who knows.

- I am swamped and overwhelmed with work at the moment. I'm in charge of writing a proposal for a multinational agribusiness company's CSR program in Northern Mozambique. It's a mammoth task, and I am on a tight deadline.

- Rico and I are going to Brasil tomorrow for a short vacation. As often happens with holidays planned ahead of time, the timing couldn't be worse. But, I know I'll manage to juggle everything, and I am really looking forward to seeing family. I'm also excited about eating the top tier of our wedding cake that has been sitting in my mother-in-law's freezer for the past 8 months. It's a bit early to eat the cake, but I'm not sure when we'll be in Rio next, so we're going to take advantage while we can (and before the cake goes off).

- I missed a big girl's weekend in Macaneta for a friend's hen party. The photos look divine, but I'm glad I decided to stay in Maputo with my mom.

Okay, back to work. Time for a presentation on proposal writing. And the whirlwind schedule continues...

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Marcia Francois said...

Oh Ali, I am soooo tempted to let you loose in my kitchen so YOU can cook for us :)

But don't worry, I won't do that.

Do you know how much I love John Cusack movies? Please can you take a pic of that guy (without him seeing you) and post on the blog, or just email to me? :)